Easy Check-in / Check-out

You can now use MiHCM on Microsoft Teams to clock your time as your day at work begins and ends.

Check in Check out
View Remaining Leaves

View Remaining Leaves

MiHCM HR for Microsoft Teams helps you to do a quick check on how many requestable leave days you have left for the year.

View Remaining Leaves

Raise Leave Requests

Get your workforce to use MiHCM for Microsoft Teams to easily submit their leave requests from anywhere, anytime while keeping count on their leave balance.

Raise Leave Requests

Timesheet for Employees

Get your remote workforce to update their day-to-day line of activities, projects & meetings, and the time utilised on every activity, helping team leaders to understand & analyse time spent on each task. The Timesheet is integrated with Microsoft Outlook Calendar, enabling you to automatically capture all meetings/events scheduled on your calendar.

Preview Payslips

You can view your monthly payslips through MiHCM HR for Microsoft Teams.

Service Requests

Supports HR Service Requests

MiHCM HR for Microsoft Teams works round the clock with instant responses and assistance. Reach your HR team to request letters, travel documents, and escalate/report workplace dilemma anytime.

Service Requests

Gain Insights through Dashboards

Visualise real time insights on employees' attendance and leave utilisation with MiHCM HR for Microsoft Teams. Team leaders and HR will have dashboards to analyse the volume of HR service requests, also to gauge the hours spent by each employee/department in their routine meetings, activities & projects.

HR Platform

Integrates with your HR Platform

Improve HR efficiency by seamlessly integrating MiHCM HR for Microsoft Teams with your existing HR system.

HR Platform

MiHCM HR for Microsoft Teams making headway

The app will be continuously evolving to empower employees and team leaders in their day to day HR interactions.

HR Making Headway