MiA - Workplace Virtual Assistant

Your 24/7 HR Personal assistant.

Bot Revolution

No Tension, It’s 24/7

Bots don’t rest! Have your HR questions answered anytime, anywhere by the always-friendly MiA.

Channel of Your Choice

MiA is a great conversationalist on multiple platforms such as Skype, Facebook Messenger and Slack. Increase quality interactions with your employees and make their life more convenient.

Instant Answers

Still using live-chats? MiA can answer routine and frequently asked questions and make smart recommendations in seconds by identifying key-words. Let your HR personnel focus on less mundane tasks.

Schedule and Manage HR Requests

Apply and manage leave, reimbursement requests and training schedules through instant messaging. MiA can identify missing documents from various applications to ensure a smooth HR interaction for your employees.

The Making of MiA

A Child of Microsoft Azure

MiA is created through the Azure Bot Service and leverages cognitive services from Microsoft Azure technology. She is well equipped to see, hear, and interpret in more human ways.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Typos and spelling mistakes are behind us. MiA is enabled to interpret our messages and respond appropriately through large amounts of natural language data processing.

Self-learning Capabilities

MiA learns on the job! She improves herself with every interaction with employees through deep learning and training data to create a more personalised conversation.

Mia Chat Bot