Simplify your HR activities in the Digital World

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From the hiring to the retirement of an employee, every HR team needs to be on their toes when managing the company’s HR activities without any errors. To do so, there are various activities the HR team must be mindful of to create the ideal workplace environment for its staff and management.

Amidst the current socio-economic situation in the world in the aftermath of the pandemic, HR teams are required to focus on employee well-being, sentiments, and emotionally mature management practices. Amidst these demands of the day, HR personnel are also required to facilitate and administrate mundane, time-consuming HR activities on a day-to-day basis. It is therefore essential that they manage these activities skillfully and efficiently.

However, is this even possible with all the documentation creation and management? These tasks are particularly challenging if they are completed manually instead of digitally.

Furthermore, is it feasible to maintain physical documentation within the ‘Hybrid-Working’ and ‘Work from Home’ work formats which gained popularity during the height of the pandemic?

The answer is no.

Because companies are faced with new challenges. Some of these have even resulted in employee burnout, increasing employee turnover. One of the ways of overcoming these challenges is the adoption of a digital transformation.

The term ‘Human Resources’ itself was formed with the core intention of effectively managing the ‘employees’ of the company so that they consistently achieve the company goals. Unless the mundane but compulsory tasks routine HR tasks are simplified, the HR Team will simply not have enough time to effectively engage with and also work to maximise employee well-being.

Our proven MiHCM Digital HR system would help you ease the burden of performing these HR tasks. Whether yours is a small business or a large enterprise, MiHCM provides a comprehensive, modular and scalable solution which can be adjusted to satisfy the unique requirements of your business.

The system facilitates the easy and automated completion of routine HR activities, the provisioning of statutory reports, comprehensive workforce analytics dashboards and more, providing HR professionals with all the key functionalities required within an easy-access cloud-based system.

MiHCM helps you remain steadfast amidst a world of changing technology with its complete HR and employee experiences, whilst granting access to the ideal employee experience for any industry vertical. MiHCM possesses an extensive global clientele in diverse industry verticals, and is designed to run on Microsoft Azure infrastructure; demonstrating its reliability and security.

Simplify your HR activities in the Digital World 1

Even if your employee headcount is relatively low, your key HR activities will remain the same. Whatever the size of your company, as a HR professional, you can ensure that attendance, leave and payroll is executed properly.

MiHCM Lite is a true digital HR experience tailor-made for small businesses, and offers all the key components required to optimize HR operations from recruitment to retirement. This system is built intuitive and is easy to deploy and use, making the implementation cycle both faster and shorter.

MiHCM Lite

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Having a cloud-based payroll software can help with many of these challenges, such as: 

“Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people's thinking.”

Data insights and analytics plays an integral role in the decision-making process. This is why, companies are increasingly interested in workforce analytics. MiHCM Data & AI deliver power HR analytics for your digital workforce which helps implement data-driven decision making. It further allows you to connect your own siloed data to create deeper insights, and provides Machine Learning based data clustering and predictive insights.

Our stack of solutions doesn’t stop there. We also possess a one-of-a-kind solution which runs on Microsoft Teams™; MiA Assistant for Microsoft Teams. This is a workplace virtual assistant which is an easily accessible HR and productivity tool for your employees.

MiA provides a unique and powerful value proposition to any organisation. With our digital assistant, your employees will no longer have to switch between apps to complete HR Self Service, such as applying for leave, checking in/out etc.

Furthermore, MiA helps maximise employee engagement by constantly tracking employee satisfaction levels, allowing you to create and send your own surveys, and track employee fitness activities. These are just a few of the many use cases that MiA possesses. Visit our website to find out more!

Simplify your HR activities in the Digital World 2

In conclusion, HR activities are crucial for the smooth functioning of any organization. However, managing these activities can be both time-consuming and stressful, particularly in a hybrid work environment. This is where the MiHCM Digital HRIS system comes in, offering a suite of products to simplify and streamline HR processes, from hiring to retirement.

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, MiHCM has the right solution for you. From HR and employee experience management, to workforce analytics and a virtual assistant, MiHCM has got you covered. By adopting these solutions, HR professionals can free up time and focus on what’s truly important – the well-being of their employees.

So don’t delay, embrace the future of work with the MiHCM HR software today!

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Simplify your HR activities in the Digital World
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Simplify your HR activities in the Digital World
From the hiring to the retirement of an employee, every HR team needs to be