HCM Mobile

Deliver an engaging employee experience anytime anywhere

Consumer Grade UX

Explore a premium selection of software features available on a modern, intuitive and user-friendly mobile interface.

HR Management on the move

Approve HR requests and obtain HR analytics on the move - The best tool for travelling managers to make instant and smart decisions.

Tailored for the mobile generation

A seamless mobile experience for Millennials, Gen Z and other employees accustomed to mobile communication.

Define accessible areas

Configure which areas (Time, Leave, etc.) of the mobile app can be accessed by your defined groups of employees.

Access a Range of HCM Features

Leave Application

Conveniently apply for leave, check leave balance, view team leave and history.

Mobile Attendance Tracking

Enable employees to check in/out from different locations. The mobile app uses GPS to tag these locations to the check in/out times.

Constant Upgrades

The mobile app is continuously improved on with new cutting-edge features and functionalities.

Things to Do

Perform various approval actions on the mobile phone.

Social Activity Feed

Receive updates on your phone related to work anniversaries, employee birthdays, workplace achievements and more.

Notice Board

Allowed employees are able to view the relevant documents/policies posted onto the noticeboard, right from their mobile phone.

Staff Directory

View team contact details.

HCM Mobile