Centralise the onboarding process on a digital platform.

Zero paper and zero waste

The MIHCM onboarding process will help you reduce the hassle that the new employee should undergo in the process of documentation. This web portal allows new recruits  to edit  their own information and attach documents through an easy to use web interface. Kick off the dull and welcome the super smart days!

Kick start your first day

Have better first days with MiHCM allowing the candidates to have an idea of your company digitally before joining. Give the recruits a sophisticated welcome to the company by letting go of traditional methods to make life easier on the first day.

Why hassle? Less trouble!

Learn and use MiHCM onboarding easily without any trouble by investing time on learning and training methods. Take the edge off and reduce the extra mile on a single touch of a button. So why waste time? Make your life easier with MiHCM Onboarding!

Know your basics! Under one trailblazing digital space

MiHCM centralised onboarding portal gives the visibility to the new hire on the pre/post onboarding tasks, items issued, company ethics and policies. Let the new recruits know more about you and your team, even before they join.

Onboard effectively and retain successfully

Effective onboarding practices will lead to a higher retention rate and expansion in the employee life cycle. Give the right impression about your organisation at the first site to reduce the risk of confusions and losing top onboarded talent with MiHCM.