Time & Attendance

Time tracking system for HR Productivity, Consistent Compliance & Smart Workforce Decisions

Unified Time Tracking

Boost efficiency with a unified time tracking software to manage workforce leave and absence. Gain insights for HR decisions and track attendance records for automated payroll calculations.

Better Insights for Smarter HR Decisions

Visualise attendance records concerning employee attendance, absenteeism and late hours of a selected country/location through beautiful analytics. Analyse these trends using an interactive chart for better HR decision making. MiHCM presents a broader attendance analysis based on job categories, age groups, service period and leave type/reason.

Rostering and Attendance Management

Manage and monitor complex rosters, midnight crossover shifts, overtime and other attendance records of a global workforce with a single attendance tracking system.

Seamless Integrations

Eliminate labour-intensive tasks through seamless integration of the Time and Attendance Module with MiHCM payroll or any 3rd party application and attendance tracking devices.

Mobile Enabled Attendance Tracking

This configurable feature can be enabled so that the allowed groups of employees can mark their attendance using the MiHCM mobile app.

Time & Attendance