Experience seamless HR software in Singapore like never before.

MiHCM Cloud HR & Payroll system

No one understands your employees like we do. Discover how we can help you hire, onboard, pay & retain your employees.

MiHCM HR Software

Telah Digunakan
1000+ global companies

Telah Digunakan
1000+ global companies

Solusi Kami

Complete HR & Payroll system
for small, medium & large businesses

Managing people isn’t easy. And yet, we make it happen. Go from hire to retire.

MiHCM Lite

untuk Bisnis Start Up

Online HRIS & Payroll software in Singapore

Simplify, optimise & grow. Manage your employees, track attendance, process payroll & take HRM on the go!

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MiHCM Enterprise

Solusi SDM Komprehensif untuk Bisnis Skala Menengah & Besar

Software SDM Terpadu: Kelola operasi global perusahaan
skala menengah & besar

Elevate, innovate & lead. Streamline talent management, boost employee performance & drive strategic growth.

Modul & Fitur Kami

One Powerful HR Software in Singapore

yang melengkapi semua kebutuhan bisnis Anda

MiHCM menawarkan pengelolaan administrasi SDM yang simpel, membantu Anda mengatur profil karyawan, melacak cuti, dan membuat alur kerja. Berdayakan karyawan Anda untuk mengelola kehadiran, timesheet, dan manajemen self service lainnya melalui portal Employee Self Service (ESS).
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No more inaccurate and stressful payroll processing. Our payroll management system ensures seamless compliance with Singaporean labour and statutory requirements. Calculate CPF, SDL and SHG contributions and process payroll in minutes.
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Attract the right people and build teams that thrive. Our HR software delivers a simplified candidate tracking system that helps you streamline applications, schedule interviews, and identify the right candidates. Make onboarding the launchpad for your employee engagement.
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Take your team from good to great. Using MiHCM, you can easily set goals, conduct performance appraisals, and provide 360¬į feedback. Run surveys, get valuable opinions, and analyse them to make better decisions.
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Provide your employees with an end-to-end learning experience ‚Äď give them the necessary resources to upskill and reskill. Our learning management system helps you analyse improvement plans, create employee training programs, upload course materials, and track training and development in no time.
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Ubah data SDM menjadi sesuatu yang berharga. Dapatkan wawasan mendalam dari dasbor HR Anda dan pahami keragaman, produktivitas, dan pola cuti untuk perekrutan yang lebih baik, karyawan yang lebih bahagia, dan profit perusahaan yang lebih tinggi!
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Feature Announcement

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Asisten Terpintar dalam SDM 

Asisten SDM bertenaga AI untuk menyederhanakan beban kerja Anda 

Kurangi tugas SDM menjadi setengahnya dan tingkatkan produktivitas Anda dua kali lipat. SmartAssist memberdayakan Anda untuk melakukan lebih banyak hal hanya dengan sekali klik. Buat surat, buat deskripsi pekerjaan, dan Dapatkan jawaban langsung untuk pertanyaan terkait ketenagakerjaan perusahaan Anda  


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