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Lasantha Theverapperuma

Group Chief Digital Officer

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“The powerful features introduced by MiHCM including the workflow builder has enabled us to optimize our HR operations significantly. Today we are managing the overall HR and talent management dimensions of 3500 employees with the MiHCM system. More importantly, MiHCM’s Mobile app and work from home capabilities have enabled our remote workforce to manage their HR needs conveniently.”
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Nikkie Parnala

HR Manager

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“MiHCM helps a lot in the overall efficiency of our Human Resources department. It reduces paperwork and manual intervention; it quickly generates analytics and HR reports which speeds up management’s decision-making. It also comes with a user-friendly mobile app for employee self-service.”
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Anna Chou

HR Technology Manager

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“In our opinion, this is the best corporate HR solution with a proven track record in emerging markets. MiHCM team is professional and provides reliable and thorough support.”

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