Technology and People Management… unified!

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It has come to our notice that number of organizations are finding it challenging to create employee engagement and a stable culture.

The struggle has made HR redesign the whole process, from recruitment to reward systems. We are going to look at what is causing this struggle and the elements which are creating change in the talent management system in the corporate world.

Organizations are now filled with both young and old generation which creates a generations clash. Millennials are seen to be growing in the work force and are entering with high expectations on learning and development. Whereas the Gen X seems to be less updated and unable to adapt with the changes in technology, however becoming more of the experienced workforce who turn out to be mentors and advisers.

The best possible way to make best use of Gen X and Gen Y potential is to utilize the Gen x strength for mentoring, and Gen Y expertise to pursue strategies and maximise business results. As technology emerges with Mobile, Social, Cloud and Analytics (SMAC) capabilities it transforms the organization and their employee front. HR may innovative and figure out ways to simplify and develop work experience though digital technology with SMAC dimensions, which will ultimately help employees to raise their productive contribution to the organization.

Digital technology with SMAC permeates rapidly. Thus businesses are changing and growing at the speed of technology. Organizations which do not move with this pace will be redundant, with this thought in mind and the fear of not being able to adapt is creating the need in organization to adapt the upcoming digital technologies.

Based on the findings and learning it is clear an organizations HR must address these changes in order to face 2016. As technology evolves so will humans and if companies are not able to adapt to it they will be stuck watching others pass them by. Stay tuned and do visit to read more posts on how we bring in technology improvements to people management!

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