Are you FORCING employees to use the HR Software?

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Today, our post is based on an interesting quote we saw on a video created on “Changing Demographics”. Let’s try to understand this quote and see how it applies to HR Software;

“We are grooming and mentoring children for jobs and technologies that are not even discovered yet… We believe this futuristic effort would equip children with the strength to solve the possible issues unknown to us today”

Basically this quote means that world is preparing for the unknown changes that could happen in the future. So, this is the nature of predictions we do to prepare ourselves for the future. While it is interesting to understand how Governments, Households and other entities are preparing for the future, as Businesses we also need to be geared! Business leaders often put increasing pressure on department heads to invent new processes and mechanism to drive agility, flexibility and efficiency. Business leaders believe such mechanisms would optimize the profit centers of the organization and curtail costs. One such process, possible to predict and revolutionize is Human Capital Management. As we’ve extensively discussed throughout our series of blogs, we have seen how HR has evolved from personnel management to human capital management and now the impact made by emerging technologies to HR. Among the evolution of HR tech was the shift from on premise solutions to cloud software solutions. The next leap was the impact made by smartphones, which made connections, networks and engagement easier than ever before. Now they are more mobile devices, thus more activities on mobiles than desktops. So people are getting used to more beautiful software, and apps that look good and easy to use. This behavior led people to want more simple and easy-to-use software solutions and apps with elegant designs that can be used without the help of manuals. These technologies and the demand for elegant looking tech solutions made the old school workplace processes obsolete. This calls for the major transformation in enterprise software. Companies have to adapt software solutions to ensure engagement. Workplace technology should be user friendly so that management does not have to force employees to use the system, instead employees would willingly use the systems. Revolutionary technology with social, mobile, cloud and analytics capabilities is DIGITAL HR. HR software solutions developed with digital technology delivers the best elegant user experience with intuitive user interfaces. This simplifies overall HR processes that any user could manage HR functions without the help of manuals. Digital HR capabilities offers an enormous amount of HR insights with engaging interfaces. These insights would help critical people decisions in the organization. Social features added to the HR functions such as performance management would drive engagement, competition, design and transparency, helping mediocre performers to better themselves. Digital HR offered on Cloud would assures best performance, efficiency and data security. Along with these, the penetration of mobile and apps would help Digital HR users to deliver their HR services in the right quality from anywhere anytime. Like we’ve said at the beginning of this post… the world is preparing for change. Likewise we could predict how businesses would change, how workforce would change and how employees’ lives could be impacted with exciting technology. This is why we see Digital HR as the next big wave in Human Capital Management. HR leaders and business leaders have an enormous advantage here as they need the people insights for decisions, maximum security for sensitive HR intelligence and engaging HR experience to optimize HR. Reach out to us to find out more about Digital HR. Visit MiHCM today!

Written By : MiHCM Reporter

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