How does HR software deliver business value with HR centric input?

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Modern HR functions include broad range of HR analytics and insights that support a variety of confident business decisions around employee performance, learning management, demographics etc. hence it is important that HR departments along with department heads utilize these analytics to derive at conclusions on above aspects.

HR professionals should start using the HR software systems to understand more talent management focused insights. HR should be able to extract the points that drive employees to stay at a job for long, what makes the employees become outstanding performers? What skills and competencies will help each employee to get promoted? What’s the risk of senior/ junior employees leaving their jobs? Ability to extract these insights will helps HR professionals to take preemptive action to avoid possible talent centric risks.

Microimage HCM has comprehensive modules which includes Core HR functions and Talent Management functions. This software helps HR professionals extract above data from respective modules. Performance management module helps identify every employee’s level of achievement in both goals and competencies. Also the succession planning module will highlight the level of risk involved with the discontinuation (resignation or termination) of any employee which also identifies the potential pipeline of successors who are eligible to take over such positions in case of a resignation or termination.

These are few types of predictive insights that a modern HRMS/ HRIS can deliver. Provision of these insights makes the HR software an early warning system to the HR professionals as well as to every department head. Implementation and utilization of these modules in a HR software helps organizations realize how and which employees should be groomed to achieve/ perform better. Analytics provided by learning management helps identify the training needs of different employees. This will allow organizations to plan focused training programs to the correct audience, and develop skills of every employee to perform better in individual roles.

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