How to improve HR decisions with HR Analytics

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Digital HR facilitates three ways by which we can eliminate HR decisions made on guesswork. Accurate data at your fingertips: Digital HR provides you with real-time access to a pool of HR insights to analyse trends in attendance, employee turnover, performance and many other talent management dimensions. Data-driven culture: Quit making people decisions based on gut feeling and foster a data-driven HR culture. With Digital HR, you can find best performers, analyse the effectiveness of training programs with data and also drill down into many other insights. People analytics skills: With HR insights, HR can highlight the business impact of their strategy and the role HR plays to shape the workforce of the future. Following are some of the ways organisations are using people analytics to create business impact. Enhance workforce diversity & control employee turnover One of the many objectives of an organisation is to enhance diversity. Business leaders would want to see both women and men equally leading the business towards its mission. Having accurate data to understand diversity trends is helpful to achieve diversity. A digital HR platform helps this objective by showing the trends on headcount changes and male-female ratios in your workforce. Controlling employee turnover is another challenge HR is faced with. HR organisations, as well as business leaders, would love to spot the reasons behind higher turnover. It’s important that you find the causes of higher turnover and remedy them to retain your best employees. Microimage HCM Cloud provides you with real-time data to understand employee turnover levels in every team. HR and business leaders can use these insights to construct a better talent management strategy and minimise the turnover in the future. Talent Management supported by Talent insights HR insights of a digital HR platform not only help improve routine HR. It supports you to improve your talent management practices. You can use a range of analytics to measure the effectiveness of employee training and recruitment efforts. Talent management insights will help HR leaders to improve the employee training efforts, identify poor performers and spot successive employees for leadership roles. Achieving these outcomes with HR insights will help the HR departments to transform from being HR executives to talent management strategists in organisations.
Retain a new wave of Human Capital Management with HR insights
These insights will not only help HR become better talent strategists, it will help the entire organisation to hire and retain rich talent that supports the organisation’s goals! Like previously said, insights will help tackle unwanted employee turnover, achieve a good level of gender balance in the organisation and even recognise the best performers and create a career path for them. This is why we believe that HR insights should definitely become a part of the HR strategy as people analytics can bring you beyond your assumptions. The insights introduce new ways to onboard, train, and engage employees with the organisation’s mission. It’s a definite benefit to see the possibilities today and for the future with insights. Understand learning effectiveness, eliminating ineffective recruiting efforts. Using HR insights makes a clear positive impact on HR department’s performance. It certainly helps the business leaders to receive a quick glance on how their most important asset: the workforce is managed and developed. While the insights help the leadership, it will absolutely enrich employees’ career path, creating them more opportunities in their workplace. For more insights on using HR analytics in the workplace, visit

Written By : MiHCM Reporter

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