Is Talent Acquisition the cornerstone of Talent Management?

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How does your organization hire best talent to the organization? How do you ensure that talent you have hired is the best fit for all your strategic objectives? This process of acquiring the best/ suitable talent is also known as “Talent Acquisition” and talent acquisition is generally a function that is integrated with other functions of talent management.

Talent management process fundamentally refers to attracting highly skilled employees, developing and retaining them for successful future business efforts, then ensuring those capable employees are engaged with the organization and aligned with key business goals. A fine balance between these facets will ensure growing business performance.

Today, our post will open a discussion on how proper Talent Acquisition will help assist the entire talent management cycle and how it ensures the success of other aspects of talent management pointed out above.

It’s understood that talent management systems takes “Recruitment/ talent acquisition” into consideration when designing and developing talent management software solutions. Attracting and retaining adequate employees at all levels to meet the needs of organic growth is being taken into consideration by talent management systems. These systems incorporate facilities to optimize the recruitment process. Use of a talent management system will accommodate a host of recruitment functions from projecting needs for new employees, determining channels to source candidates up to scheduling interviews. These facilities will ultimately support organizations that face a talent crunch by improving and advancing the recruitment process.

Talent acquisition done to on-board talent which will diligently assist the company strategy will become the company’s best asset. This enables the management to decide which human resources they should retain in the organization. Also, a comprehensive talent management approach will have proper training & development practices included. This will ensure to develop the best talent retained within the organization. Performance management measures also would help sharpening these employees’ skills and competencies further.

Like we discussed in brief in today’s post, the essential processes integrated to a talent management system will help the organization to acquire suitable and best talent, thereafter train them to become better performers. Visit today to explore more about the talent management functionalities offered by Microimage HCM.

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