Talent Centric Strategy with HR Software

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We’ve got less than 40 days to bid farewell to 2015! Hence it is quite important to understand the challenges our HR leaders may face in 2016, so that they will be ready to re-look at their talent and HR strategies to overcome these challenges and create a HR department that stands toe-to-toe with other front-runners in organizations!

Emergence of latest technology is making social media a powerful tool to help employees discover more career opportunities. Added to this skill gaps are getting worsened. Companies are increasingly leveraging talent acquisition technologies/ modern recruitment software systems to acquire best in-breed talent to organizations which makes the competition for talent much more intense.

Understanding these challenges, HR leaders should align their human resource management strategies to attract best employees and create the aspired working environment to retain them within the organization. HR professionals should remember that prudently developed Human Capital Management Strategies/ Talent Management strategies is the basis of earning best employees for life!

Firstly, 2016 will be the year for HR professionals to create an exciting working environment for all employees. Winning products and services are an outcome of creative employees who are empowered with convenient business processes and facilities coupled with rewards and recognition they receive upon outstanding performance. Hence, HR professionals can support other team leaders/ heads of departments to deliver more convenience to employees through a solid HR strategy, which will empower them develop new skills/ competencies, obtain rewards for performance, being able to enter the pipeline of successors for upcoming positions etc.

Over the last few years, HR software vendors have successfully blended HR with technology to deliver HRIS Platforms, commonly known as HR software solutions. These systems have delivered significant advances to transactional HR functions such as time tracking, payroll processing, automating self-service etc. 2016 will be a good start to put more focus and rigor to strategic HR needs; performance management, recruitment, training and development and even succession planning. Maximizing the use of strategic HR modules in a HR software could be the most fundamental suggestion to improve workforce experience in the HR organization. To reinforce this, HR needs to create new ways to engage employees better with the business and HR.

First strategy would be to roll-out a talent centric HR process within the organization that sources, develops and retains best talent to support the business strategy. Tools in a HR software; succession planning to find the best prospects from the existing workforce to potential positions, performance management to reward top performers and retain them, recruitment to source best talent and training and development sharpen skills and competencies of best employees, will help achieve the development of this talent centric HR environment.

Also, HR software systems should be able to generate valuable and broad range of analytics and business intelligence to monitor performance management data and other workforce data in real time which enables them to make confident and smart talent centric decisions which ultimately impacts the business strategy. Department leaders should avail of these business intelligence tools/ HR Analytics to identify best talent who could support the business strategy more. Also they should be able to identify employees who need more grooming to reach the level of top performers.

A talent centric HR organization that implements the above will be able to recruit, develop and retain the best talent within the organization … these employees will adapt within changing business needs and changes in the business environment. Visit mihcm.com to understand how our HR software helps HR Professionals create the expected talent centric strategy within organizations.

Microimage HR Software is implemented in over 600 companies across many countries including Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Pakistan, Myanmar and even Middle East.

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