About MiHCM

MiHCM is a State of the art Digital Human Capital Management Solution which facilitates organisations to transform legacy HR systems and processes to a true Digital environment and ecosystem. MiHCM offers a comprehensive suite of independently deployable modules to recruit, manage, align and drive performance of an organisation’s most valuable asset ‘their people’. Organisations can build a true digital people environment leveraging the diverse modular functionality with the ability to integrate to other enterprise systems. MiHCM solution delivers superior multi-channel employee experiences while delivering real time analytics of the entire workforce to management.

MiHCM is designed to run at scale on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform which is a global leader in cloud platform infrastructure. MiHCM is also recognised in the global Microsoft ISV catalogue as one of the most comprehensive Digital Solutions in the market which is currently deployed in numerous global Azure Cloud Data Centres across the globe.

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Our Mission

"To help organisations globally shift from legacy HR to Digital HR"

Our Journey towards building MiHCM

We have been developing HR software since late 90’s. With the advent of cloud, we started an ambitious journey to build a modern HR platform purely engineered to run at scale on cloud. With 2 decades of domain knowledge building HR systems, we started our engineering journey back in 2014 to build from scratch a complete unified digital HCM platform. After a 3 year long engineering effort from 2014 to 2017, MiHCM Cloud was unveiled. With MiHCM, our mission is to help global organisations transform legacy HR systems & processes to digital HR.

Today we deliver one of the most advanced digital HCM solutions for the global clientele.

Our Team

We have built a smart, highly passionate, committed team continuously working towards helping our customers & partners. Our team continuously push their boundaries to build world class solutions & deliver them together with our partner network for global clientele. We provide flexible work schedules, continuous learning and challenging work each day to our workforce. We want our team members to realise their true potential while working with MiHCM.




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