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Unlock workforce potential

MiHCM Enterprise HR software for medium & large companies

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Fuelling passion, Igniting performance

Attract, recruit, and focus on what truly matters - growing your people.

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Unlock your team’s hidden skills.

Invest in your talent - provide them with the necessary resources to skill up.

Build a leadership legacy.

Prepare your enterprise for business continuity & success with the right future leaders.

Create workplace magic.

Shape a culture where every voice is heard & valued - engaged employees are more productive & tend to stay longer.

Reward brilliance.

Recognising employees who go above & beyond can help increase employee engagement & performance.

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Hire in half the time.

Recruit 2X faster with automation that handles initial screening for you.

Talent Acquisition & Onboarding for medium & large businesses

Build your dream team.

Simplify your hiring game and turn talents into valuable assets.

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Talent Management System

Find the fit that’s just right for your business.

Transform your company into a talent magnet with the MiHCM HRIS system for large companies. Seamlessly post jobs, streamline applications, and identify the perfect talent no matter where they are.

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Job Requisition

Request new talent effortlessly with a simple online form. Add details such as salary, vacancy validity period, etc & submit for approval through custom workflows.
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Vacancy Publishing

Post job vacancies on your corporate website & setup 3rd party integrations to receive candidate applications directly into our HR software.

MiHCM Enterprise – Talent Management 8

Applicant Tracking & Offline Applications

Seamlessly add applications from external sources directly into the talent management system. Check the Job Bank to see all received applications & easily add them to existing vacancies.
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Video & Chatbot Interviews & Selections

Simplify candidate selection using our video & chatbot interviews. Easily group & move selected candidates to the next hiring stage.
MiHCM Enterprise – Talent Management 10

Interview Scheduling

Organise physical or online interviews & send bulk notifications through email or other channels. Utilise curated letter templates & include map directions & Microsoft Teams links.

MiHCM Enterprise – Talent Management 11

Shortlist & Final Selections

Conduct interviews with shortlisted candidates & finalise your choice. Utilise the Letter Builder feature to create custom offer letters & send them in one click.

HR Onboarding Experience

Turn introductions into confident beginnings.

Welcome new hires with an employee onboarding experience they won’t forget. MiHCM Enterprise HR software helps you build excitement through videos, documents, and questionnaires, introducing company history, portfolios, and more in an engaging way.

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HR Tasks Assignment

Prepare the checklist for the new hires. Assign mentors & employees for logistic-related matters & directly send notifications through the HR system.
MiHCM Enterprise – Talent Management 14

Onboarding Self Service

Give your employees instant access to the MiHCM Enterprise HR system to begin the onboarding program. Seamless & user-friendly portal to manage all assigned onboarding activities.
MiHCM Enterprise – Talent Management 15

Employee Task List

Streamline pre & post-onboarding tasks with clear completion dates. Guide employees through simple questions, company videos & documents for a smooth journey.
MiHCM Enterprise – Talent Management 16

Auto Profile Creation

MiHCM HRM software extracts information from the application & automatically creates employee profiles.

MiHCM Enterprise – Talent Management 17

Onboarding Progress

Monitor the onboarding progress of every requirement requisition. Remind employees to complete pending tasks to move on to the next phase.

Let’s get you onboarded to success.

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Performance Management

Appraisals that fuel growth from the ground up.

Build a superstar ensemble with inspiring feedback, replacing static employee appraisals with dynamic 360Β° feedback reviews. Our HR software supports employees in creating personalised goals and self-evaluations, providing real-time progress with clear paths for growth. Assess competencies, traits, and values to ensure you have the right people doing the right job.

MiHCM Enterprise – Talent Management 19

Configurable Templates

Design performance evaluation templates by configuring goals, competencies, accomplishments, culture values, potential assessments, traits & 360° feedback.

MiHCM Enterprise – Talent Management 20

Create Smart Goals

Form detailed goal plans with real-time measurable progress, priority levels & milestone additions. Empower your workforce to update their goal achievements & track their growth.
MiHCM Enterprise – Talent Management 21

360Β° Feedback

Get constructive criticism & reviews from supervisors, peers, customers & subordinates. MiHCM makes feedback more transparent & engaging for a healthier employee ecosystem.
MiHCM Enterprise – Talent Management 22

Assess Many Factors

Run competency, values, traits & potential assessments to determine if employees have the necessary knowledge, skills, principles & qualities to climb the ladder.
MiHCM Enterprise – Talent Management 23

Design Improvement Plans

Create performance improvement plans that ignite learning & fuel growth. Integrates seamlessly into our Learning Management software to help your workforce realise their full capability.
MiHCM Enterprise – Talent Management 24

Review Organisation Performance

Analyse performance by company & view the highest-performing employees. Compare employees, measure their potential for growth & make data-driven decisions within one HR software.

Learning Management

Skill up your workforce.

Build a learning journey that simplifies training and amplifies results. Our Enterprise Learning Management system helps you identify training needs, calculate budgets, propose training programs, and track progress. Design interactive courses with bite-sized challenges through Ziksa - our learning delivery platform and encourage your workforce to share their learnings.

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MiHCM Enterprise – Talent Management 26

Identify Training Needs

Receive training requests through performance appraisals & employee recommendations. View all available programs based on skill fields & assign employees to training programs.
MiHCM Enterprise – Talent Management 27

Set Up Training Budgets

Calculate budgets for company & divisional levels across all training categories. Analyse needs, propose programs that fit your allocated budget & track utilisation in real time.
MiHCM Enterprise – Talent Management 28

Plan Training Programs

Create programs based on the training requirements & add hours, institute & required evaluations. Assign employees & schedule programs across the year.
MiHCM Enterprise – Talent Management 29

Track & Evaluate Trainings

Monitor program attendance, analyse effectiveness & conduct evaluations to get trainee & supervisor feedback. Inspire your workforce to share key concepts & transfer knowledge with their colleagues.
MiHCM Enterprise – Talent Management 20

Competency & Mandtory Training

Provide mandatory & skill-level training to your employees based on a particular area of expertise, designation & job category. Define & track CPD hours & develop your people.
MiHCM Enterprise – Talent Management 31

Learn On The Ziksa Platform

Create a knowledge base with our content delivery platform. Upload audio, video & text course materials, design focused quizzes & provide an exciting on-demand training experience on Ziksa.

MiHCM Enterprise – Talent Management 32

Employee Engagement

Cultivate a culture that truly speaks.

Foster a vibrant ecosystem where ideas flow freely. Engage your employees through open communication channels and pulse surveys. Create a culture that listens, learns, and speaks volumes together. Start the conversation today!

MiHCM Enterprise – Talent Management 33

Share Your Thoughts

Build an ongoing rapport with your employees. Facilitate an open communication channel that motivates your workforce to share their opinions, feedback & suggestions.
MiHCM Enterprise – Talent Management 34

Conduct Pulse Surveys

Create short & quick questionnaires that empower employees to give their views & thoughts on various subjects. Track employee engagement through survey analysis & make your decision.

MiHCM Enterprise – Talent Management 35

Publish Company News

Save thousands on paper. Utilise our digital notice board to share all your company announcements & updates in one click. Get your people to acknowledge every shared document, all within the MiHCM Enterprise HR system.
MiHCM Enterprise – Talent Management 36

Reach HR

Navigate the workplace jungle easily & securely. Connect with HR & relate your concerns. Add detailed information & documents & submit your inquiry to HR via the MiHCM Mobile App.

Compensation & Benefits

Reward teams that help build your empire.

Create a magic mix that attracts, motivates, and keeps your employees thriving. Our Enterprise HR system helps you build attractive packages from health insurance to childcare benefits, tuition reimbursements, and travel claims. Happy, well-rewarded workers translate to higher engagement, lower turnover, and a culture of success.

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MiHCM Enterprise – Talent Management 38

Build Compensation Packages

Define compensation components, such as base pay, bonuses, allowances & more. Allocate budgets & build comprehensive plans for your employees.
MiHCM Enterprise – Talent Management 39

Create Benefits & Claims Plans

Set up & assign medical, entertainment & other fringe benefits to eligible employees based on service years & employee life cycle changes.

MiHCM Enterprise – Talent Management 40

Set Up Loans & Travel Benefits

Add employee loans with instalment schemes, guarantors & grace periods. Set up travel benefits, such as per diem rates per job category & accommodation.

MiHCM Enterprise – Talent Management 41

Integrated To Payroll

Integrates seamlessly into MiHCM Enterprise Payroll & ensures that all statutory regulations are applied to benefits. Eliminates manual audit, remuneration & payouts.
MiHCM Enterprise – Talent Management 42

Succession Planning

Today’s talent, tomorrow’s leaders.

Get ready for the future of leadership transition. Cultivate a pipeline of HR talent by identifying hidden gems and nurturing the next generation of leaders who will guide your company to continued success. It’s all about seamless transitions, smooth operations, and the evolution of your company culture.

MiHCM Enterprise – Talent Management 43

Identify Potential Successors

Identify the key roles for succession & find potential successors based on performance, competency, qualification & experience criteria.

MiHCM Enterprise – Talent Management 44

Track Activities

Keep a tab on potential leaders. Bridge competency gaps, develop successors, & determine the experience required for future positions.
MiHCM Enterprise – Talent Management 45

Fill In The Gaps

Identify suitable training programs to close competency gaps. View programs for the right competency level & nurture your talent.
MiHCM Enterprise – Talent Management 46

Visualise Potential Successors

View the identified potential successors & check their readiness level within one screen. Our HR software helps you get the big picture easily.
MiHCM Enterprise – Talent Management 47

Succession Talent Pool

Curate a group of future leaders for future reference & provide them with opportunities for growth & mentorship.

Lead your team to success.

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