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MiHCM Enterprise HR system for medium & large businesses

Keep the momentum going. Attract top talent, reduce turnover & process global payroll instantly.

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For medium & large businesses
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Headcount of 250 to 20,000+ employees
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Complete employee lifecycle management

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Payroll facility

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Localised to
country laws & regulations

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Web &
Mobile Convenience

One HR platform, endless possibilities

Build the ideal larger-than-life employee experience with our diverse module palette.

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MiHCM Mobile

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MiHCM Self-Service On Web

Workforce Management

Simplify tasks, amplify results.

Employee Profile

MiHCM Enterprise 11

Organisation Charts

MiHCM Enterprise 11

Organisation Planning

MiHCM Enterprise 11

Employee Dynamics

MiHCM Enterprise 11

Employee Self Service

MiHCM Enterprise 11

Leave & Absence Management

MiHCM Enterprise 11


MiHCM Enterprise 11

Time Attendance

MiHCM Enterprise 11

From hire to retire, everything HR in one place.

Embrace the complex needs of your growing business and turn your challenges into unique milestones. MiHCM Enterprise HR system is built for disruption and scale - one HR platform to lead, inspire, and grow your workforce.

Data & AI

Navigate with clarity. Deliver insights for impactful decisions.

Standard Reports

MiHCM Enterprise 11

Ms Power BI Reports

MiHCM Enterprise 11

Workforce Analytics & Dashboards

MiHCM Enterprise 11

Natural Language Query

MiHCM Enterprise 11

Data Clustering

MiHCM Enterprise 11

Predictive Analytics

MiHCM Enterprise 11

Advanced Query Builder

MiHCM Enterprise 11

Talent Management 

Unlock collective brilliance and transform the talent landscape.

Talent Acquisition

MiHCM Enterprise 11

Performance Management

MiHCM Enterprise 11

Learning Management

MiHCM Enterprise 11

Ziksa Learning Delivery Platform

MiHCM Enterprise 11

Employee Engagement

MiHCM Enterprise 11

Compensation & Benefits Management

MiHCM Enterprise 11

Succession Planning

MiHCM Enterprise 11

Ready to upgrade your HR?

Integrated HR & Payroll System for large companies

Workforce Management:

Turn complexity into simplicity.

Streamline your growing enterprise with a human resources and payroll management system that takes you where you want to go.

Core HR Management

The right foundation to empower your workforce.

Minimise the hassle and maximise HR straightforwardness. MiHCM Enterprise HR system provides an exceptional human resource base, allowing you to add employee profiles, streamline HR planning, and manage workforce leave and absence easily.

MiHCM Enterprise 33
MiHCM Enterprise 34

Employee Profile

Effortlessly manage user rights, employee information & timelines & generate crucial letters using the Letter Builder.

MiHCM Enterprise 35

Organisation Charts

Design organisation structures with business entities for as many companies as possible & get visibility into every recruit.

MiHCM Enterprise 36

Organisation Planning

Set up headcount & manpower plans, define key responsibilities in each job & view competency profiles for successful hiring.

MiHCM Enterprise 37

Employee Dynamics

Track the complete employee lifecycle from onboarding, transfers, promotions & terminations to retirements. Record disciplinary actions & activate rejoins.

MiHCM Enterprise 38

Employee Self Service

Empower your employees: manage attendance, submit tasks, handle leave, approve HR requests & raise recruitment requisitions – all at your employees’ fingertips.

MiHCM Enterprise 39

Leave & Absence Management

Manage country-specific leave policies, including lieu leave, end-of-the-year encashment & automatic leave generation during the probation period.

MiHCM Enterprise 40

International Payroll Software

Seamless payroll on a global scale.

Streamline the complexities of managing the payroll of a global workforce across multiple countries and pay in multi-currencies. Run automated calculations, fulfil localised statutory requirements, and process payroll in minutes, all within one Enterprise HR system.

MiHCM Enterprise 41

Global Payroll Processing

Handle the global payroll administration of employees across multiple companies & regions with multi-currency payments.

MiHCM Enterprise 42

Country Statutory Compliant

Designed to align with the statutory needs of the country your business operates in. Currently supports South Asia & Southeast Asian countries.

MiHCM Enterprise 43

Set Up Payroll As You Like

Build flexible payment schedules & assign different rates for types of employment. Pay your people weekly or monthly & for the work they do.

MiHCM Enterprise 44

Payroll Checklist

Never miss out on your payroll tasks. Use our payroll checklist to find out if attendance, loans & increments have been covered before you process salaries.

MiHCM Enterprise 45

Advance Formula Builder

Gain autonomy in salary calculations! Define pay items & their statutory requirements. Build your own formulas & transaction logic.

MiHCM Enterprise 36

Integrated System Notifications

Receive real-time notifications about pay dates, tax updates & important deadlines within our HR system.

MiHCM Enterprise 47

Module Plug-in

Design custom modules & interfaces tailored to your unique workflows, seamlessly integrating them into our HR system through our intuitive plugin manager.

MiHCM Enterprise 48

Export To External Systems

Bridge the gap with a few clicks. Seamlessly transfer critical information to external systems, streamlining workflows.

MiHCM Enterprise 49

Custom Payroll Reports

Build your own pay-related reports & access existing attendance & leave reports to analyse overtime, absence without leave, daily absenteeism & more.

Make every paycheck count

Time & Attendance Tracking

Make every second count.

Ditch the manual timesheets and punch cards! Empower your employees to clock in/out seamlessly through any device using facial and voice recognition or with a tap. Manage shifts and overtime and unlock deeper visibility into your workforce's valuable time.

MiHCM Enterprise 50
MiHCM Enterprise 51

Mobile Attendance Tracking

Keep tabs on employee clock-in & clock-out with their exact locations. Our GPS & geofencing mobile tracker ensures accuracy & helps your employees check in within a certain range & location.

MiHCM Enterprise 52

Timesheet Management

Curious about your employees’ daily tasks? Explore workforce insights on time spent in meetings, calls, emails & more. Empower employees to use HR self-service to submit their daily work activities.

MiHCM Enterprise 53

Shift & Roster Management

Define & manage complex employee shifts for employees in different companies & countries. Facilitates unlimited flexi & split shifts with advance scheduling, allowing you to set meal breaks & make leave arrangements.

MiHCM Enterprise 54

Overtime Management

Go from regular hours to overtime with our customisable grace period. MiHCM handles late arrivals & early-in overtime with prior authorisation. Supports single, double & triple OT policies with custom rates for job categories.

MiHCM Enterprise 55

Attendance Analytics

Make sense of your workforce data & create a data-driven organisation. View HR analytics on overtime, late hours & absenteeism & analyse trends to understand future productivity better.

MiHCM Enterprise 56

Device Integration

Connect effortlessly to any automated biometric device, including fingerprint scanning, facial, finger wave & iris recognition for a seamless employee experience.

Actionable HR insights for medium & large companies

Data & AI

Strategic brilliance in every data point.

Craft your roadmap to success with powerful data revelations.

MiHCM Enterprise 57

HR Analytics & AI

Decide confidently with data support.

Make smarter data-driven decisions for your workforce. MiHCM Data & AI helps you unlock hidden patterns, predict trends, and bridge gaps. Access our dashboards, visualise leave patterns, and optimise workforce productivity within the MiHCM Enterprise HR software.

MiHCM Enterprise 58

Standard Reports

View real-time analytics on employee absenteeism, performance summary, training needs analysis & more.

MiHCM Enterprise 59

Workforce Analytics & Dashboard

Dive deeper into your talent, turnover & diversity to get a complete understanding of your workforce & where you’re heading.

MiHCM Enterprise 60

Build Your Query

Create custom queries to tailor relevant & accurate responses to your requirements.

MiHCM Enterprise 61

MS Power BI Reports

Get a visual representation of your data & unlock insights into employee demographics, productivity, payroll, recruitment & more within seconds.

MiHCM Enterprise 62

Smart Analytics

Dig deep & extract leave, absenteeism, workforce & turnover patterns. Compare past data, generate trends & predict the future.

MiHCM Enterprise 63

Custom Analytics & AI Solutions

Tell us your challenge & we’ll build custom HR data solutions for your business needs. Use our insights to make future decisions that will shake & shape your journey.

Shape the future of work.

Big Business, Bigger Impact

Big Business,
Bigger Impact

Big Business, Bigger Impact

Your journey to streamlined HR processes starts here.

MiHCM Enterprise 64
Work smarter, not harder.

Put your tasks on autopilot. Reduce errors & fuel your efficiency with workflows that work for you.

MiHCM Enterprise 65
MiHCM Enterprise 66
Paperless paradise

Boost your eco-score & improve your workflow - all your HR documents are digital & secure.

One HR platform, endless possibilities.

From recruitment to retirement, everything you ever need is at your fingertips.

Payroll in a flash.

Accurate & fast payroll delivered every time. Process payroll for 10,000 employees in 20 minutes or less!

MiHCM Enterprise 67
Drive growth with data.

Create a winning Enterprise HR strategy with real-time insights, trends & predictions.

Go beyond the surface.

Explore Talent Management for medium & large businesses.