Mia Workplace Virtual Assistant Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy – Mia Workplace Virtual Assistant

“Thank you for choosing to be part of our community at Mia., doing business as Mia (“Mia”, “we”, “us”, or “our”). We are committed to protecting your personal information and your right to privacy. If you have any questions or concerns about this privacy notice or our practices with regards to your personal information, please contact us at hello@mia.work.


When you visit our website mia.work (the “Website”), use our Mia application, as the case may be (the “App”) and more generally, use any of our services (the “Services”, which include the Website and App), we appreciate that you are trusting us with your personal information. ”

Depending on the services you have subscribed and utilize, Mia may collect, store or transfer following information between Mia and Core HR system it links with:


  • Employee name and employee number
  • Email ID- Email id used to identify the Mia users
  • Questions you ask from Mia
  • Answers are given by Mia
  • In case of a screening a job applicant, Mia may capture applicant name, email address, educational qualifications, skills, contact numbers, photographs, gender, birthday, demographic information, skills, job interests etc. The exact set of data it captures depends on how screening templates have been designed and automated interview process evolves. We may also collect your curriculum vitae. All the information mentioned above will be visible to authorized hiring managers and administrators of the back-office HR systems.
  • Mia passes the information which you have submitted to its data models to predict certain outcomes. For example, it will pass an applicant’s data to predictive models which are designed to determine eligibility and likelihood of succeeding as a potential employee, in case of a screening exercise.
  • When template-driven applicant screening is in use, Mia does not take any responsibility if our clients have designed their templates in such a manner it violates privacy aspects. If you think it is not appropriate to provide such information, please do not provide such information.
  • Mia will also access your profile, addresses, contact details, leave records, performance and pulse survey records, check-in and check-out times captured from various sources and stored in HR systems it links with. Mia reserves its rights to access information relevant to it functionalities which will be newly introduced as a part of its product roadmap.
  • Depending on how the application is configured, it may also capture facial expressions and other characteristics required for cognitive image processing.
  • Mia also may access your LinkedIn profiles and other information available in public domains, if required.
  • Mia will also collect non-personal information such as Internet Protocol addresses, type of connective devices, operating systems, browser types and versions, time zones, geographic locations etc. which are required for its technical operations.


Mia ensures that personal information can be accessed only by bot frameworks, data controllers and authorized users of HR systems it connects with. Without the consent of the users, Mia or its administrators will not share information with third parties other than for judicial purposes. Mia stores information in secured Microsoft Azure Cloud. It also will pass certain phrases into Microsoft LUIS machine learning-based services to interpret natural language queries. It also uses Q&A maker APIs provided in Microsoft Azure platform.

In case of a business merger or acquisition, Mia may have to disclose data held by our data controllers to a third party, which becomes business owners of this product.


Obligations of users

Mia users do not have any obligation to provide their data when interacting with it. However, Mia may not be able to operate as intended, when such information is not provided. For example, if you opt not to provide your educational qualifications in a screening exercise, you may get lesser internal scores computed by our algorithms and data models, which may result in lesser chances of you getting shortlisted.


Usage of aggregated data

Mia reserves rights to analyze, aggregate and categorize types of queries its users make. Our clients, business partners and data controllers will have access to analytics based on such aggregated data anonymous in nature.


Deletion of user accounts and keeping historical records

When your employment is over with our client, you will not be able to access Mia any longer. We do not take any responsibility to provide chat histories you had with Mia. Mia reserves its rights to keep histories of your interactions and chats for a minimum period of five years in HR systems upon the termination of employment. Chat histories can be seen only by data controllers who are fully aware of privacy aspects.



We may have to refer to queries you have submitted to Mia and its responses, to troubleshoot technical issues, if a requirement arises.


Handling information breaches

In case of a security breach, Mia will inform its clients within 72 hours of such a breach, whereas client means any organization or person who has purchased Mia services and under its active support service agreements.


Terms and conditions

By entering, connecting to, accessing or using the Site and/or Service you acknowledge that you have read and understood the following Terms of Use. You also agree to be bound by them and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding your use of the Site and/or Service. Your acknowledgement leads to a legally enforceable agreement between you and Mia.


These terms and conditions apply to:

  1. Our clients, employers, their representatives, management and systems administrators
  2. Employees and other individuals using Mia.


Using Mia services shall be subject to the fees, features, scope, duration and additional terms and conditions, which are specified under the corresponding separate order form & agreement (“commercial agreement”),


incorporated by reference to these terms, which you have agreed to, executed, signed or otherwise authorized in conjunction with the purchase of the right to use the service. the terms and conditions of the commercial agreement are hereby incorporated by reference into these terms, and any reference to “terms” shall also refer to these terms as well as the commercial agreement.