Benefits for Employees
• Mark your attendance
• Employees can submit work they performed using Timesheet under appropriate categories.
• Apply leave using MiHCM App
• Escalate HR Service Requests
• Track your own attendance and work hours
• Check you subordinates’ attendance
• View your payslip
• Gain access to important notices via MiHCM App
Benefits for Management
• Keep track on all employee attendance records
• Employers can analyse staff productivity using analytics
• Keep track of all employee leave records
• Approval process for employee leave
• Keep all employees informed via notice board function
• Reports to capture real time attendance records
• Intuitive graphic based analytics and reports
Marking Attendance
Employees can now mark attendance using our MiHCM App. This will drastically help both employees and the management to keep tab on work days and work hours.
Timesheet for Employees
Enable your workforce to update their daily tasks along with the time spent on each task on MiHCM Timesheet. Team leaders can review and approve these timesheets and understand their subordinates' productivity.
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Apply Leave
Use MiHCM App to apply leave and check your leave balance. This will help employees to discipline themselves on managing leave and assist the management to generate leave reports and analytics.
Reach HR
Given the way we are adapting to work from home, the reach HR function for employees will be vital, so they can direct various HR service requests/ complaints/ grievances to HR, and these escalations will be directed to HR through one single tool.
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Notice Board
Your HR team will need to constantly share special notices, memos and company policies with the workforce. We have the perfect tool for that. Now you can circulate PDF/WORD files via MiHCM notice board function which your employees will receive instantly.
It is vital that the pay information is sent promptly and accurately at a time where employees cannot reach HR physically for clarifications. Using our cloud payroll, you can manage your payroll process, and the employees' payslips can be pushed to employee self-service portal on both MiHCM Web and Mobile Apps.
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Managing Teams
Team leaders can use the MiHCM Mobile App to track their team's profiles, attendance records, leave and upcoming leave.
MiHCM Analytics
Gain access to powerful and real-time dashboards/insights on employee attendance, leave utilisation, overtime, employee movements, headcount changes, diversity and other essential HR dimensions with MiHCM.

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