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Microimage HCM opens a new R&D Centre in Jaffna

By : MiHCM | Reporter

Image – Harsha Purasinghe, Founder/CEO of Microimage lighting the traditional oil lamp, Mr. Duxion Murugesu, Head of Broadcast Technology at Microimage & Dr. Thabotharan Kathiravelu of University of Jaffna Faculty of Computer Science opening the Jaffna Office.

15th March 2017, Colombo, Sri Lanka: Microimage, one of the leading international Enterprise Software solutions company in the country opened its R&D center in Jaffna recently. This move was initiated to extend Microimage presence to the Northern Peninsula, enabling existing Microimage engineers hailing from Jaffna to work from their home front and to attract top engineering talent from north of Sri Lanka. The company since early 2000 attracted some of the brightest minds from Northern peninsula where one such engineer today has grown his career to become the head of a leading product division at Microimage. With the opening of R&D centre in Jaffna, Microimage now has three operating locations in the Asian region including Colombo and Kuala Lumpur. Jaffna centre, will focus on research and development for all core product lines of Microimage; Human Capital Management, Broadcast, Media & Mobile. The team of engineers will engage in R&D for a variety of technologies such as cloud computing, mobile, analytics, machine learning to other emerging digital technologies.

The new work space will bring together top engineers hailing from Jaffna under one roof & also engineers working in other offices to collaboratively work on cutting edge technologies to propel Microimage’s flagship products to great heights. The office located in Palali road close to city centre can house around 25 engineers currently. It also has accommodation facility up to 4 engineers travelling from Colombo to work on R&D activities collaboratively with their Jaffna counterparts.

Harsha Purasinghe, Founder/CEO of Microimage stated, “I am absolutely thrilled to see another dream realised with the opening of our Jaffna R&D centre. We already possessed number of top talent from Jaffna working on our products in Colombo office, and now with this opening they can continue to work on cutting edge products with great work/life balance as they are close to home. We intend to offer more opportunities to highly passionate top talent from peninsula as we further grow our operations in the future. Also this move will pave the way for us to establish strong relationships with academic institutions in northern peninsula towards knowledge sharing on a range of modern technologies and to provide internship opportunities for top young talent”

Microimage is a leader in providing software solutions in the areas of Human Capital Management, Broadcast/Media & Digital convergence. Microimage’s latest HCM Cloud is considered one of the top pure play cloud digital HR solutions available in the global market today. The product since public launch has gained tremendous growth both locally & internationally. The latest broadcast product release from Microimage Mobile Media subsidiary mStudio 3 enables broadcasters & media entertainment personalities to deliver a complete digital audio/video experience combining strong social sharing capabilities with mobile apps extending the reach of engagement.

One of the brightest minds hailing from Jaffna who works for more than a decade at Microimage, Head of Broadcast Solutions; Duxion Murugesu said, “I am delighted that we’ve been able to establish R&D presence in my home soil. The time I started my career I had to move to Colombo to find an opportunity due the situation in the north. Today, our engineers from Jaffna peninsula can contribute towards building cutting edge products & solutions while working from home soil. Also this move will enable us to tap into other brightest minds from north who are keen to work for an international software company”

The opening ceremony was graced by senior faculty members of Department of Computer Science at the University of Jaffna and Vavuniya Campus. Dr. Thabotharan Kathiravelu, representing Faculty of Computer Science, University of Jaffna in his speech stated “When we were undergraduate students we always dreamt about having software companies operating in Jaffna, and today it has become a reality. We will work towards satisfying your needs and shall be producing good graduates. It is perfect timing as we intend to start 6 months internships for the first time for our students and Microimage will be a potential partner for us to place these undergraduate students.” The faculty members were absolutely thrilled to see this timely move of Microimage and stated it is the 2nd leading software company to establish its own presence in the northern peninsula.

Microimage’s purpose is to “Continuously innovate in its chosen domains to build products and services which positively impacts the world”. The company is poised to pursue this by empowering and fostering a unique team of minds to develop best in class Enterprise Software solutions, leveraging futuristic technology.

About Microimage

Founded in the mid 90’s by a group of high school students, Microimage is the most successful high school start-up story in Sri Lanka to date. It was started as a hobbyists’ club by group of high school students back in 1993. With the success of their initial local language software product, it was incorporated as Microimage (Private) Limited in Colombo, Sri Lanka. From humble beginnings as a desktop language software provider, today the company has transformed into a group of companies with business interests in Human Capital Management, Broadcast, Media, Mobile & Digital Convergence.

Microimage Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. is headquartered in Sri Lanka with presence in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia covering the ASEAN region through a joint venture with Malaysian public listed technology conglomerate OMESTI Bhd. We have been awarded with many prestigious local and international awards as a testimonial to our endeavours in the HCM, Media and Broadcast Technology space. Microimage has been listed as the only Sri Lankan company among APAC Vendors in the “GARTNER -Market Guide for Human Capital Management Suite of Applications”. In 2016, Microimage was honoured to be recognized among the “Most Respected Entities in Sri Lanka” listed by LMD; Sri Lankan Business Magazine.

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