Welcome to 2017! HR was in a transforming phase in 2016 with Digital HR.

We wrote many posts on Digital HR and digital upheaval of several HR components in 2016. HR continues to grow in the same defining moment in 2017!

More than half of the workforce is being taken up by Millennials. Technology is redefining business models and employee experience. Need to develop employee engagement is rising. On top of these, employees are demanding continuous career growth. Hence, the career contract between employees and organizations have to change.

These trends are transforming the workplace and the way we manage our human capital. Also, these trends are demanding us to let go of traditional human capital management.

The new focus on HR in 2017, is to develop a consumer grade HR experience increasingly integrated with the business objectives and mission. To lead HR through this focus, a deep understanding about upcoming trends in HR is important. Throughout this year, we will discuss what drives this new focus of HR. to start with, let’s look at 3 trends…

  1. Upheaval of digital technology

Digital technology is disrupting business models and transforming the way in which organizations operate. Hence, HR now incorporates design thinking, social, mobile, analytics, and cloud (SMAC) technologies into systems. They believe this would revive employee experiences and increase the value they bring to organizations. In a series of future blog posts, we will closely look at ways of using design thinking to deliver engaging HR experience.

  1. Culture that supports Digital Disruption

Culture is critical during disruption and transformation, this is also a management priority for organizations globally. HR plays an instrumental role in shaping organizational culture leaders are expected to lead the cultural change and ensure employees align with new behaviours and values which supports the disruptions.

Wrong culture within HR might hold HR back in leveraging disruption. We propose HR to understand the possible value of digital disruption and be prepared to shape the organization culture to fit into the digital age. We will be discussing the probable cultural changes Digital HR could cause, in our future posts.

  1. Digital HR backed with Workforce Analytics and Insights

Trend towards data-driven HR is growing at fevered speed. Organizations looking at improving talent management processes should increase the use of people data. Organizations are aggressively pursuing techniques to capture workforce analytics and connect such insights to business decisions. This means that workforce analytics should be used to identify the value contributed by each employee to the organization. Decisions based with people analytics help organizations to completely understand and improve the value people bring into the organization.

In future posts we will discuss the future of workforce analytics, how it will become as important as the financial figures to devise business strategies. These emerging components of HR along with insights on digitization of HR will be discussed over the next 12 months and we’d love to hear from our readers about what they think is key for HR in 2017! Stay connected!

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