MiHCM Testimonial Consent Policy

This policy governs The Testimonial, Company Name, Company Logo, Name of the Testimonial Provider, Designation of the Testimonial Provider, Headshot of the Testimonial Provider and Responses of The Testimonial Provider submitted in the MiHCM Testimonial Submission Form.


Upon the submission of the completed MiHCM Testimonial Submission Form with the placement of the Testimonial Provider’s signature upon it, the Testimonial Provider irrevocably authorises MiHCM to copy, exhibit, publish or distribute the information provided in the MiHCM Testimonial Submission Form for purposes of publicising MIHCM ASIA SDN BHD’s products, solutions, programs or for any other lawful purpose, and may be but is not limited to use in printed publications, multimedia presentations, websites, social media, digital media or in any other distribution media in line with the same purpose.


By submitting the Completed MiHCM Testimonial Submission Form, the Testimonial Submitting Person agrees to make no monetary or other claim against The Company that The Testimonial Provider is representing (As mentioned on the MiHCM Testimonial Submission Form, and hereafter referred to as ‘The Company’) or MiHCM for the use of the statement, and thereby holds harmless and releases MiHCM from all claims, demands and causes of action which the Testimonial Provider, The Testimonial Provider’s representatives, executors, administrators, Representatives of The Company or any other persons acting on behalf of the Testimonial Provider or on behalf of The Company have or may have by reason of the Completed MiHCM Testimonial Submission Form, and confirms that the contents of The Completed MiHCM Testimonial Submission Form have been authorised by the management of The Company.

In the event of the Testimonial Provider leaving the Company, or the termination of the use of the respective MiHCM Products and/or services by The Company, MiHCM shall remove any and all testimonial(s) submitted by the Testimonial Provider from all aforementioned media. MiHCM acknowledges that certain materials, such as previously published printed brochures, may be beyond its control to remove or modify. In such cases, MiHCM will make reasonable efforts to cease further inclusion of the Testimonial(s) in question, but it is understood that previously published and shared materials may remain unchanged.