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Microimage HCM unveils “Mia” HR Virtual Assistant

Microimage HCM Cloud, a leading global digital HR platform unveils “Mia” HR Chatbot which will transform and revolutionize the way organisations deliver HR services to their employees. Employees who engage with this digital virtual HR Assistant could simply ask questions such as “How much leave balance do I have?”, “Can I take a day off next Wednesday”, and “I’d like to request for a service reference letter?” to many other requests. This multi-channel conversational chatbot allows employees to engage 24×7 for a range of service requests from leave management, inquiring about company policies to various ad-hoc service requests. “Mia” could be accessed quite easily from multiple channels such as a web chat interface, skype, & facebook messenger. “Mia” will be continuously improved by Microimage HCM Cloud team to ensure it delivers an outstanding service, thereby eventually to completely eliminate human intervention for mundane requests & exploration of information.

“We are super excited to announce Mia which will allow organisatons to deliver digital employee experience for service requests as organisations rapidly move towards embracing digital transformation” said Harsha Purasinghe, CEO of Microimage HCM. Today workplaces and workforces are rapidly embracing digital technology, and organisations’ HR needs to keep up with this pace and deliver outstanding digital engagement experiences for all stakeholders. “In this era where majority of the workforce is rapidly becoming millennials & next gen who are digital natives, organisations’ HR needs to rapidly innovate to keep employees engaged and provide them outstanding service through a channel they are familiar and always ON.” Harsha Purasinghe further stated.

Introducing HR Chatbots will allow organisations to remarkably reduce costs involved in HR service delivery, service desks and eventually to completely eliminate human intervention in all mundane requests related to work and employment. Further, what makes chatbots special is that they can easily be integrated into some of the existing communication platforms that businesses already use in order to give an in-app experience to the users.

Chatbots are one of the most trending topics in tech at the moment and HR departments are also looking at ways and means of taking advantage of Robotics and AI to encourage more engagement within a large disparate workforce. Millennials love Instant Messaging and this is a proven fact. The unprecedented success of Facebook messenger is a testimony to this. This is where Microimage sees the benefit in introducing BOT technology to the HR aspect of a business as employees can instantly get a response for HR related issues. We also see BOT technology being applied in other areas such as performance management and recruitment. Microimage is always looking forward to apply strategic initiatives to our comprehensive HCM offering, and being at the forefront of new technology is our passion. Together with Microsoft Azure platform which the HCM solution is built on, we believe that Microimage HCM solution will offer our clients a robust and futuristic solution which will evolve with the changing needs of human resource management.

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