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Microimage HCM goes live, putting stamp on Social Performance Management

04th November 2013, Colombo, Sri Lanka: Microimage, a leading human capital management software solutions provider, launched the live phase of its latest social performance management platform: after completing a successful Beta period. The company expects Workswiftly to become a game-changer in modern work places in both local and global spheres. Microimage took the wraps off of Workswiftly Beta version in July 2013, taking its first step towards transforming performance management towards a social era.

Whilst business professionals need to revise their performance management strategies with the increasing millennial population in work forces, the extensive use of social media sites and apps would transform the way employees connect and share information in a work place. Yet the systems most companies implement to evaluate employee performance and align people with the corporate mission are developed for traditional and hierarchical workplaces, which results in employees disengaging with corporate goals. Thus Workswiftly social performance management systems was designed to answer the modern organization’s need for a system of employee collaboration and engagement – one that motivates employees to stay in line with the corporate mission, work together and deliver better business results, enabling companies to sustain employee performance.

“The time we started developing Workswiftly, we recognised that work places are becoming more social, collaborative, less hierarchical and more real-time. Thus we realised a social performance management tool that creates a collaborative work place would address this trend. Social features integrated in Workswiftly helps creating that collaborative culture in a work place by encouraging people to work together to achieve goals and initiate continuous conversations to keep employees on track. Being able to recognize and reward people in the moment for doing great work keeps them motivated to deliver great results. Workswiftly is a system that perfectly enables companies to keep employees empowered in a socially collaborative workplace,” stated Harsha Purasinghe, CEO of Microimage.

This cloud-based solution is hosted with Amazon EC2, which guarantees high availability and added security with additional configurations Microimage has made to the hosting environment. Already a number of renowned companies from local and international spheres have signed up with Workswiftly during the Beta period to experience how Social Performance Management could evolve their business by creating a motivated and empowered workforce.

Commenting on the live launch of Workswiftly, Suren Rupasinghe- COO of Microimage stated, “We believe that Social Performance Management would transform future work places with real-time feedback, coaching and recognition that will improve productivity of employees. This prediction was our rationale behind developing this social performance management tool. We’re excited about Workswiftly reaching the live phase after completing a successful Beta period. I would like to thank all our valued clients signed up with Workswiftly Beta who supported our insight with their feedback to improve the product during the last three months.”

Workswiftly envisions performing an instrumental role in sustaining employee performance with complete social collaboration in the work place, instant recognition and maximum visibility for remarkable performance.Microimage will be shaping up its social performance management services continuously, enabling enterprises to conquer new boundaries through reinvigorating the people resource. The company invites enterprises operating locally and globally to visit to register with Workswiftly Live.

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