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MiHCM introduces “MiA” Assistant for Microsoft Teams

MiHCM unveils MiA, workplace virtual assistant for Microsoft Teams

Colombo, Sri Lanka – 6th December 2022 – MiHCM, a global HR technology provider, recently unveiled the all-new workplace assistant, MiA Assistant for Microsoft Teams™ at the event “Empowering the workforce in the digital workplace”, held in partnership with Crayon and Microsoft.

This event reflected how modern digital workplaces are changing the way businesses operate, thus allowing companies like MiHCM to unveil exciting integrations for collaborative platforms like Microsoft Teams.

MiA Assistant for Microsoft Teams is designed to help companies empower their workforce, maximize employee engagement and productivity through streamlined processes, and deliver comprehensive analytics to make data-driven decisions within Microsoft Teams. The latest version of MiA offers key features such as MiA Recruitment and Onboarding, which allows companies to interview candidates and integrate new employees into the company, and MiA Feelings and Surveys for collecting employee emotions and feedback.

“MiA is the first ever app of its kind to debut in the Microsoft Teams App Store in the entire APAC region. The idea to build a virtual assistant on top of Microsoft Teams emerged during the pandemic as workplaces shifted to remote/work from home,” said Harsha Purasinghe, CEO, MiHCM.

The company introduced MiA Recruitment to ease the workload and eliminate paperwork for interviewers. This feature streamlines the candidate selection process, enabling interviewers to access all pertinent candidate information and documents, complete evaluation forms and move the right candidates to the next stage, all from within Microsoft Teams. MiA also offers a simple yet engaging onboarding experience which encourages companies to automate their onboarding process while helping new employees learn about the company and their work through documents, videos, and surveys within the Microsoft Teams application.

Companies could also employ MiA Feelings to identify and understand employee emotions daily. Employees could even submit their feedback anonymously, offering companies an outlet to receive authentic feedback. In addition, MiA’s entirely configurable Surveys can be utilised to distribute engagement surveys, pulse surveys and more.

Furthermore, MiA Assistant integrates with Outlook Calendar and Microsoft Planner and reminds employees of their upcoming tasks and meetings daily. Additionally, it provides daily and weekly employee and team summaries on productivity, leave, and fitness, offering a complete picture of the individual, team members, and company. Using MiA, employees can perform numerous other routine work tasks, such as checking in and out of work, submitting work activities, checking leave balance, applying for leave, reaching out to HR, and viewing payslips and individual analytics. MiA also has a knowledge base functionality where employees can simply ‘Ask MiA’ any company-related question such as “What’s our ISO policy?”, “How to do an expense claim?”, “How can I reset my password?” to many more without reaching out to HR/Admin or IT help desk to ask these basic questions.

MiA Assistant for Microsoft Teams is offered for Teams desktop and mobile and as an independent solution. This works seamlessly with MiHCM’s Digital HCM Solution and can also be integrated with any API-friendly HCM/HRIS system or 3rd party application.

MiA has been categorized as a preferred solution by Microsoft within the Microsoft Teams AppSource because it addresses specific customer needs in a category or industry vertical. Microsoft’s ‘preferred solution’ badge is awarded to solutions that have proven their capability to impact and transform businesses exponentially. MiA was also named by Microsoft Asia as one of the top ten useful Microsoft Teams apps in the APAC region for increasing employee productivity.

“We believe with MiA workplace assistant, which runs on top of Microsoft Teams, will help organisations to establish an amazing friction-free employee experience as they continuously reinvent themselves to embrace the future of work,” said Harsha.

Over the years, MiHCM has worked closely with Crayon and Microsoft to deliver digital transformation to customers across the Asia Pacific region. Since its inception, MiHCM has made significant investments in R&D to create innovative digital HR solutions. MiHCM is used by over 500 companies across 22 countries and offers MiHCM Enterprise, MiHCM Lite, and MiHCM Analytics.

As the global workplace and workforce evolve, MiHCM envisions creating more employee experiences that help its global clients to nurture the future of work.

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