Digital technology; the new Imperative in HR

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Digitization is a hot button topic in this age. No matter where you live and what you do, digitization is applied in every aspect of life.

Access to internet permeates while engagement levels in social networking sites is growing so fast that research proves 1.8billion people are using smart phones and people check their smart devices 8 billion times every day (According to Deloitte research).

While this usage of smart devices, social networks and internet is increasing, businesses should figure out ways to use this trend for their benefit without having employees to get overwhelmed with technology which will negatively affect productivity levels.

The new role of Human Capital Management in 2016 will have a prominent trend towards implementing HR software solutions developed with rich user experience and digital focus. HR will capitalize on Mobile HR, Social capabilities, workforce analytics and cloud deployments and the relevance of traditional software solutions will be less.

The new HR experience will completely transform the Learning & Development experience, recruitment process, information sharing protocols with digital experience. The new HR experience enriched with digitization will make the HRIS work well for employees. While IT would help the implementation of these HR systems, HR organizations should carefully find vendors who could offer overall HR functionalities with rich user experience which ultimately makes the HR software as easy to use as Facebook or Instagram.

HR software providers are rapidly building new solutions with digital technology, to quickly improve employees’ digital experience. Application of digital transforms HR in many dimensions. Learning and development will be based on MOOCs (Massive Open Online Content) and videos, enabling employees to access course material at their convenience.

Employees should be able to integrate their presence in social networking channels with the HR software by including their LinkedIn profiles with digital personnel profiles of HRIS. Managing employee information and performing routine HR functions such as leave application should be conveniently enabled with mobile apps.

The new digital vision for HR is not just about technology. It’s about how HR supports the management to act and serves the employees to perform their jobs. Having a smart range of insightful analytics is key to support this motive. Analytical capabilities to search/query required information and generate comparisons of talent profiles will lead the management to make confident people related decisions. Digital technology embedded in Workforce Analytics will deliver rich user experience and advanced facilities to query and generate required employee information. The future of talent acquisition, performance management and even succession planning would transform with digital technology, which means that digital focus will become key for HR in the future.

Concluding this post, we’d suggest that Digitization of HR is not merely integrating technology into the HR apps. Digital technology is what our employees use every day and everywhere. Hence an organization which does not leverage on digital technology will not be creating the desired experience to employees. Thus, we in HR tech should now step into digitization and start digitizing HR systems to create a better HR experience to employees and keep them engaged with the HR processes.

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