HR to enrich the Growth of Organizations and Nations!

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Our blog squad has continuously discussed how HR assists the growth of organizations by hiring rich talent and mentoring them to help the strategic directions of an organization. Beyond this, we realize that HR does play an instrumental role in contributing to nations. The development of ‘Human Capital’ encompassing skills, competencies and experience and know-how at operational and strategic levels is critical to the prosperity of organizations. Prospered organizations with a competent workforce will definitely become an important force which contributes to the development of the economy/ nations.

Nationwide Prosperity encompasses myriad facets including flourishing economy fuelled with profitable enterprises & entrepreneurships, workforce enriched with knowledge pertaining to a variety of industries, People oriented citizens who will focus their efforts in creating social well-being and peaceful co-existence. Creating such citizens should essentially initiate within organizations. HR practitioners in both public and private sectors play a vital role in this endeavour.

We believe organizations should increasingly focus on driving HR departments to add value to their internal and external stakeholders through effective human capital management practices. As the department that deals with PEOPLE, HR is the ideal department to rethink how they can mentor employees (who are also their immediate internal stakeholder) to sharpen their skills, competencies and knowledge to contribute effectively to the organizational goals. Enhanced contribution coming from an efficient workforce will help companies maximize profitability. Further these companies will be able to deliver expected results to the Community/ Nation; the largest external stakeholder of any enterprise.

This was our first attempt to discuss how HR can contribute to the Economy & Nation. Our discussions will continue on the same topic in future posts! We welcome our readers to share thoughts on this topic!

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