Is Employee Engagement a Top Priority?

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Employee engagement has become a frequent buzzword around in almost all the organizations, and is playing a significant role in the year 2016 as well.

With the current trend of high demand for talent, companies are becoming more and more concerned towards retaining their employees. Currently the corporate world is more transparent and are accepting the open feedback in many organizations.

However company’s HR professionals are still in the mind set of using the annual feedback process which is becoming less relevant to the current corporate world. This age old system will not provide any transparency for top level management to understand and identify their employee’s requirements, if such is not accurately observed and understood it will create a breaking point in the company’s culture. Engagement with employees will only strengthen the connection between company and its employees, leaving very little room for high employee turnover. HR departments need to bring in a strong system for employee engagement and feedback process. This process which provides continuous feedback that goes to managers and HR will in return aid to build the culture of an organization as well.

Culture has been and will continue to be a very important element in an organization and HR will set the base for it. Culture sets the framework on how an organization functions and contribute in aiding employees to understand the organization. If this is not set right as mentioned above there will be a break in the organization’s function, creating disagreements and chaos. Culture is something that is embedded into an organization, its behaviour, language, practices etc. represents an organization’s culture and is very hard to change.

We believe the topic of employee engagement will be a major topic throughout the year and will keep impacting companies. We will be discussing more of such aspects in our future posts. Do stay tuned! Visit to read other blog posts.

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