New world for HR with DIGITAL… Advent of Digital HR!

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We’ve reached the last quarter of 2016! Early this year we predicated a revolutionizing change in HR. Not only our prediction was supported with global research findings, we developed a Digital HR solution to fit in to this revolution!

YES… We believed DIGITIZATION would re-imagine the entire HR experience in 2016. Thus we developed an enterprise grade Digital HR software solution to take HR into the DIGITAL AGE.

Firstly, broad topic to converse is the digitization of everything. Wherever we live and work, digital, social and mobile life are everywhere. Research findings discover that over 1.8 billion people use smartphones and over 3 billion people are on the Internet. Companies pursue this age, are growing at fevered speed that nobody can hardly challenge them.

We all know how our digital life works. Global research understands that people around the world check their smart phones 8 million times on a day. Children often play on their tabs and phones. Travelling is made convenient with digitization; we simply download an app to order a cab which takes us to the destination without much hassle. Booking flights and hotels is no more a tedious task… Search engines are smart enough to understand our travelling needs and trigger search results on travel, accommodation to other. Education is not as costly and competitive as it was. MOOC based learning is gaining ground, enabling any one at any age to access floods of knowledge almost for free.

Beginning of 2016, we entered a new paradigm of HR. We began a conversation on a major trend towards a new, design & digital focus within HR.

Mobile and Cloud will completely replace the traditional, clunky HR software and practices. HR with Digital Tech will re-imagine the total talent management spectrum.

  • Our performance assessments would be inclusive, real-time and sophisticated with social capabilities.
  • Our employees will have an exciting learning experience with online learning capabilities.
  • Recruitment & on-boarding will be on mobile with perfect integration to social channels.
  • Business leaders will have easy and broader access to lots of talent insights which supports key talent management decisions.

Our scope in HR and talent management sphere is defined. Convergence of technology with domain experience to make HR work well for employers and employees is our mission in HR. While we are showing the future of HR to business leaders, they will need robust software and apps to adapt to the changing future.

This is why Digital HR software solutions and apps are built with right infrastructure, tight security systems and neat consumer-grade user experience. The all- new digital HR software solutions will convert cumbersome HR processes to exciting, engaging experiences where HR system would be as easy to use as a social channel.
The excitement of using a digital HR software doesn’t come easy, business leaders (in particular) need to learn how to do it!

HR leaders should adopt Strategic thinking- Talent will be a major determinant of organization’s success or failure. Thus, those who are responsible for managing talent acquisition, development and retention should strategically plan and engage talent

HR should be more Agile and Responsive- HR has hardly been agile and embraced changing technology. Compliance focus of HR might have been a reason behind their rigidity. However, “staying rigid” will not help HR to grow. Changing technology demands HR to be innovative. Hence the solutions that worked today will be less relevant tomorrow! So, HR should curiously recognize emerging HR challenges and changes in HR Tech space.

HR should love Risk- HR is RISK-AVERSE as they’re bogged down with compliance, statutory and governance issues. HR has lost voice in strategic decisions with such characteristics. In the increasingly fast moving business environment, HR should escape from yesterdays’ comfort zone and adapt with changing tech that will create their future edge.

Motivate… Not Dominate! Advent of cloud, social and mobile in Digital HR is a great enabler. HR leaders who focused on dominating and controlling will learn to empower and motivate talent with these digital essentials. And we all know the ultimate outcome of a motivated workforce!

Futuristic vision- HR leaders with an unremittingly future focus will gain the best advantage of the fast paced digital evolution. HR leaders should equip organizations to compete in the changing market place by assessing likely future trends. They should cultivate advance technology and practices to pursue likely opportunities in the market. Intuition and judgement of HR needs to be razor-sharp to recognize ways to improve talent management practices for the future.

The function of HR is becoming more important in organizations. We believe this transformation surfaced in 2016 will grow and positively influence overall talent management practices. A new breed of HR leaders with these characteristics should be built to take maximum advantage of the digital HR breakthrough.

Visit Microimage Digital HR to explore DIGITAL HR!

Written By : MiHCM Reporter

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