Does your organization have what it takes to keep employees engaged and motivated?

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Are your organization’s employees poorly engaged in their work? Lack of employee engagement is a significant cost to your organization. Hence our post today is on how to improve employee engagement using DIGITAL HR!

The Gallup organization reminds us every couple of years that nearly 70 percent of employees are actively disengaged at work. The millennials get disengaged even faster than the usual gen-y employees.

Disengaged employees show a higher possibility of a turnover. Moreover, it can cost 33% of an employee’s salary to replace him/her. Therefore, employee engagement plays a very important role in your organization, which makes you question yourself, does your organization have what it takes to keep employees engages and motivated? Here are a few tips to improve your organization’s employee engagement.

Give your employees a voice!

Employees feel the need to connect with their superiors and peers to communicate their thoughts. By providing them with an effective method of communication and feedback, where pulse surveys will collect employees’ feedback on their difficulties or positive impacts in the workplace, employees can feel that they truly fit in, and belong. This increases the level of engagement at work, as well as how passionate they are to work on the organization’s vision and mission.

With 360⁰ feedback, employees can not only receive feedback from their superiors but by their peers and subordinates as well. The advantage of this functionality is that employees can truly groom themselves and be self-motivated to do better at work. Hence, your organization will develop a feedback-driven culture.

Employee appreciation matters!

Quite often, employees will show lack of engagement when they’re not recognized in the work they do. Digital HR has identified this issue and come up with multiple solutions to resolve it. Evaluating employee performance and rewarding the best performers, and recognizing the exceptional talents and accomplishments of the employees. These will give the employees a sense of self-satisfaction, and their enthusiasm for work will increase.

Employees need to be skilled to be engaged!

Another well-known fact is that employees need sufficient training in order to be fully engaged in their work. Organizations with engaged employees outperform those without by staggering 202%. Trained employees feel useful at work, and do not have to idly sit by until they’re supervised and advised by their superiors. Digital HR schedules, reminds and measures the training of employees, ensuring the employees receive effective training to be more skilled and competent in their work, ultimately resulting in more engagement.

Develop an engaging environment in your organization to harvest the best in employees. Stay tuned for more interesting insights on Digital HR.


Written By : MiHCM Reporter

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