What will the new HR model deliver to an enterprise?

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In our previous post, we discovered the key components of a New HR model. It is equally important to investigate on the return of this new HR model, so that our HR leaders can convince themselves better to adapt to this new era of Human Resource Management.

The new model of HR suggests leadership skills, people management skills and HR performance should be enhanced in order to experience business success. By developing these three facts and creating the seamless coordination between them will deliver these benefits to the organization;

  1. The new wave of HR empowers leaders, employees and HR professionals by aligning their capabilities with the broader expectations/ mission of the company.
  2. Delivers the aspired agility and flexibility in processes and people
  3. Builds a strong coordination between HR, Leadership and Workforce which establishes the organization as a “best employer brand” in the business community

Development of Leadership and people management skills will bring out the best productivity of the leaders/ decision makers in the organization. Hence, these individuals can better align themselves with the company expectations and ensure to work and contribute to the organization’s mission.

Improved leadership skills will provide the vision for the leaders to formulate strategies to streamline processes. Efficient processes will create the desired business agility and even motivate the workforce to improve their efficiency levels.

HR teams can improve their performance through utilizing a HRMS for regular and strategic HR functions. Thereby, HR organizations can spend more time to become the coordinating department between the leadership and workforce. HR teams can work together with the leadership to plan and implement talent management and retention programs. Both HR and leadership will become more proficient in identifying talented human resources and drawing plans to develop and retain these resources within the organization. An enterprise that achieves its business objectives with minimum failures will definitely get positioned as an inspiring business entity as well as a preferred employer brand.

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