How will the workplace experience for Millennials transform with Digital HR?

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Ever noticed that millennials always have a mobile in their hand? Or any other electronic device for that matter. Millennials are the ones who were born in a digital age, and they expect the world to be as fast-moving as they are. Which is why we’re discussing the fact that millennials expect a difference, they expect more.

It’s no secret that companies that hire younger employees are more successful in the digital world. Main reason is, younger generations are more attracted towards the impact than the pay, and are more enthusiastic about their work. But in return, they expect more feedback and opportunities to learn from organisations.

What makes millennials so special? One, they’re young and energetic. Two, they take less time to adapt to their workplace. And three, they have fewer standards than the rest of the people. The truth is they focus more on what they have to do to gain recognition, to become engaged in their tasks.

Millennials expect continuous feedback and reviews from their leaders. They expect the workplace experience to be much engaging and dynamic. Companies are increasingly adapting new technologies to accommodate this demand of millennials. Digital HR solutions are a classic example of such technologies. Digital HR is powered by cloud, mobile, social and analytics capabilities. These technologies help organisations to get their employees better engage with routine work. Performance management powered by social capabilities and real time feedback empower employees to consistently perform/achieve their goals.

Learning management will be transformed by providing an interactive learning experience to employees. New learning management will offer a convenient training scheduling experience to HR. Traditional learning management practices with offline/classroom training to employees will be replaced with an interactive/ online learning experience with Digital HR.

Mobile capabilities of Digital HR are a definite element that supports millennial engagement in an organisation. Today, almost every person is on a smart device browsing social networks, using applications or reading posts. Why not HR utilise this trend to drive engagement in the organisation? Digital HR software solutions are now powered by Mobile apps. Employees could manage their routine HR needs with the mobile device. Also they could get their self-performance appraisals, training requests processed with the preferred device. Life of business leaders would be much easier with Mobile HR, as a broad range of workforce analytics could be accessed via the mobile devices, thus enabling business leaders to make critical people decisions on the move!

Leaders would make decisions supported by real time and accurate workforce data. These decisions include, choosing successors for critical leadership roles, choosing best performers for increments and rewards. Thus, workforce analytics generated in Digital HR solutions are helpful to identify and recognise the millennial employee and retain them.

Millennials are the future of the mankind. Thus it’ll always be your responsibility to mold them to become great leaders someday. It’ll be the most crucial and the deadliest step you have to take for your company, but the results will make the hassle worthwhile.

Written By : MiHCM Reporter

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