Streamlined HRIS System for
small teams with big dreams.

MiHCM Lite HR & Payroll software
for small businesses in Sri Lanka

Get your workforce running efficiently. Track attendance, run payroll & have fun like never before.

MiHCM Lite | LK 1
MiHCM Lite | LK 2

At a Glance

MiHCM Lite | LK 3

For Start-Ups
& Small Businesses in Sri Lanka

MiHCM Lite | LK 4

Up to 250

MiHCM Lite | LK 5

Great for straightforward HR operations

MiHCM Lite | LK 6

Core HR, Payroll & Attendance with add-ons

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Web & Mobile Experience

MiHCM Lite | LK 8

Localised to Sri Lankan labour laws & regulations

MiHCM Lite | LK 9

Small Today,
Great Tomorrow

Small businesses don’t stay small. That’s why, the MiHCM Lite HRIS system is designed to stay ahead of your HR and business needs, providing an ultra-cool employee management system and workplace experience that keeps you wanting more.

Integrated HCM software for small businesses in Sri Lanka

Cut through the Clutter

Streamlining human resources and payroll management for your small business is a breeze. When you set up MiHCM Lite, you are setting up for life.

Core HR

Everything you need in one pocket-size software.

Add simplicity to your HR operation and transform your small company into a super-efficient machine. MiHCM Lite offers a simplified human resource management information system that helps you create employee profiles, manage the employee lifecycle, and track leave requests smoothly.

MiHCM Lite | LK 10
MiHCM Lite | LK 11

Employee Profile

Manage & track employee information, important documents & letters. Assign users & roles for each module.

MiHCM Lite | LK 12

Organisation Charts

Create organisation structures with clear reporting lines & view down to employee profiles.

MiHCM Lite | LK 13

Organisation Planning

Define job descriptions, qualifications & experience. View automated workflow approvals for each level.

MiHCM Lite | LK 14

Employee Dynamics

Manage the employee lifecycle from transfers, promotions, resignations & terminations to reactivations.

MiHCM Lite | LK 15

Employee Self Service

Empower employees to oversee their attendance, submit timesheets & handle their leave on the MiHCM HRIS system. 

MiHCM Lite | LK 16

Leave & Absence Management

Administer leave, off day & end-of-the-year leave encashment so easily!

MiHCM Lite | LK 17

Payroll Management System

Payroll perfection is at your fingertips.

Paying your employees has never been this easy! Enjoy stress-free payroll software for small businesses in Sri Lanka with automated and accurate calculations, faster payroll processing, and strict adherence to compliance and regulatory policies.

MiHCM Lite | LK 18

Country Statutory Compliance

Payroll system designed to handle country-specific compliances – localised to suit the statutory requirements of Sri Lanka with immediate changes. 

MiHCM Lite | LK 19

Payroll Process Checklist

Run a complete payroll checklist, including attendance & loans before you process salaries.

MiHCM Lite | LK 20

Integrated into Time & Attendance

Integrated into the Time & Attendance management system to ensure attendance & overtime are automatically calculated.

MiHCM Lite | LK 21

Reconciliation Analysis

Conduct reconciliation between allowances, deductions & overtime to ensure everything runs smoothly.

MiHCM Lite | LK 22

Payroll Reports

Access monthly statutory, attendance & leave reports to efficiently check absence without leave, daily absenteeism & more.

MiHCM Lite | LK 23

Remittance & Payslips

Easily download the payroll file & upload it to any bank. MiHCM Payroll software automatically sends salary slips to the MiHCM Mobile & web app. 

Make every paycheck count.

Time & Attendance Management System

Time tracking that works as hard as your team.

Leave manual attendance clocking, inaccurate payroll calculations and uncertain work hours logging at the door. With GPS and geofencing-enabled attendance mobile tracker, you can keep tabs on employee daily hours, timesheets, and attendance locations.

MiHCM Lite | LK 24
MiHCM Lite | LK 25

Mobile Attendance

Empower your employees to clock in & clock out daily with their exact locations & submit daily timesheets. Our HR management system helps you track employee attendance so easily.            

MiHCM Lite | LK 26

Reports & Analytics

Get a complete analytical overview of employee work hours, absenteeism & overtime with demographic filtration in one HRIS system.

MiHCM Lite | LK 27

Roster Management

Define shifts & manage rosters. Supports unlimited, flexible & split shifts, including midnight crossovers, with advanced roster scheduling.

MiHCM Lite | LK 28

Device Integration

Connect effortlessly to any automated biometric device including facial clocking, fingerprint system for attendance & iris recognition for a seamless employee experience.

MiHCM Lite | LK 29

Overtime Management

Track employee overtime & ensure they get compensated accurately. Calculate single, double, or even triple overtime pay – whichever works for you on our HCM software. 

MiHCM Lite | LK 30

HR Analytics & Reports

Turn numbers into impactful narratives.

Make data-powered decisions about your workforce. Navigate the complex world of employees with visually pleasing HR analytics and advanced search. Our HRIS system helps you get insights into demographics like never before..

MiHCM Lite | LK 31

Standard Reports

Access real-time data on employee attendance, leave & more.

MiHCM Lite | LK 32

Snapshot View

Get a snapshot of your complete workforce. Access info on employee demographics, movements & more.

MiHCM Lite | LK 33

Workforce Analytics & Dashboard

Gain more detailed information on headcount, turnover & diversity to improve productivity & overall morale.

MiHCM Lite | LK 34

Advanced Search

Go deep into your data. Build your queries & get the information you need instantly. Our HR system empowers you to create your tailored data questions.  

Mobile App for employees

Manage your workforce on the move.

Take HR with you everywhere you go! MiHCM Lite mobile app helps you do all the routine HR tasks at your convenience. The app is powered by Siri & Google Assistant voice-enabled and face recognition features to help you check in and check out of the office super easily.

MiHCM Lite | LK 35
MiHCM Lite | LK 36

HR On The Go

Empower your workforce to do their daily HR work, from applying & approving leave to time changes while you are on the move.

MiHCM Lite | LK 37

Info On The Move

Our Mobile app empowers your employees to engage with their teams & wish them for their work anniversaries & birthdays. Deliver company announcements & updates directly into the MiHCM mobile app.

MiHCM Lite | LK 38

Attendance Tracking

Clock in & out from any location. The mobile app uses GPS to track employee locations at all times.

Help your people grow your business.


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