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MiHCM unveils MiA Workplace Virtual Assistant for Microsoft Teams

By : MiHCM | Reporter

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka — 8 December 2020 — MiHCM, a leader in HR technology innovation, today announced the launch of its latest workplace virtual assistant for the world’s most popular workplace collaboration tool — Microsoft Teams. MiA offers a host of features for employees to perform an extensive list of mundane HR tasks, and stay productive and engaged at work while been considerate of their health and well-being.


The workforce with access to Microsoft Teams can leverage MiA now to submit requests and receive approval for HR-related requests and even record their work activity which translates into powerful real-time productivity insights for business leaders. With digital and automation technologies, having a personal assistant is no longer a luxury for senior executives.


MiA will enable employees to track their daily fitness activity and receive health and safety notifications through the Microsoft Teams chat interface, allowing them to cautiously monitor their health and well-being while staying productive at work. Employees who rely on physical collaboration to ensure good outcomes will also be able to reserve conference rooms and meeting spaces in real-time by raising their requests to book physical work spaces through MiA, which presents a secured solution to a remote workforce to host meetings amidst a global pandemic.


MiA for Microsoft Teams is the first standalone-workplace assistant from Southeast Asia that can be deployed and configured via Microsoft AppSource — an app store that helps enterprise users find and gauge line-of-business SaaS apps from Microsoft and its partners. AppSource apps are built on top of Dynamics 365, Power BI, Office 365, and Azure, and include all their existing app add-ins and content packages.


Announcing the launch of MiA, Harsha Purasinghe, Founder & CEO of MiHCM, said: “MiA for Microsoft Teams is transforming the way we measure workforce productivity, keep employees engaged with work and offer them the experience to get HR fundamentals managed. The increasing pace of digitising systems and processes has resulted in optimisation of operations and execution in almost every domain. MiA for Microsoft Teams will allow employees to stay connected with HR anywhere at any time through a personalised digital workplace assistant. MiA can remind employees of upcoming meetings for the day and projects due dates because it is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Office 365 Apps.”


“At the start of each week at work, MiA will provide employees with a summary that reflects their productivity, fitness activity and attendance overview of the previous week. We are certain that these experiences will transform the way employees interact with HR and approach their daily routines at work. Every employee using Microsoft Teams will be entitled to this experience upon subscribing to MiA,” Harsha stated.


MiA for Microsoft Teams will allow users to clock their time as their day at work begins and ends, view their daily tasks and meetings, apply for leave, view their remaining leave, submit timesheets and time change requests, and preview their payslips. Employees will be able to escalate a range of service requests to HR, such as requesting letters, travel documents, infrastructure or reporting work-related issues, while HR will be able to analyse the volume of HR service inquiries and measure employee productivity as employees will record their regular work activity before signing off from work.


“Our new and improved workplace virtual assistant is a testament to our promise to deliver outstanding employee experiences in a time when most of the workforce has switched to work from home and hybrid work arrangements. We believe that business and HR leaders will be able to leverage MiA for Microsoft Teams to bring much-needed employee engagement, outstanding HR service delivery, helping employees to be more productive whilst managing health and wellbeing,” added Harsha.


Over the past few years, MiHCM has engaged in substantial R&D to continuously transform their products’ overall digital HR experience. Introducing MiA for Microsoft Teams is an outcome of their efforts to help employers realise the value of cloud-based HR technology. The company’s footprint in the region extends to more than 300 companies across 15 international markets with clients in large Banking and Finance, Manufacturing, Telco, Professional Services, Retail and Technology companies.


MiHCM’s flagship product is designed to run at scale on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform which is a global leader in cloud platform infrastructure. The solution is also recognised in the global Microsoft ISV catalogue as one of the most comprehensive Digital Solutions in the market which is currently deployed in numerous global Azure Cloud Data Centres across the globe. The company was named Microsoft ISV Partner of the Year for the South East Asia New Markets in 2019 and 2020.


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