3 top HR priorities sorted with Digital HR

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Among the biggest concerns of HR professionals and business leaders is to hire the best talent, retain them and decide how to convert this talent into inspirations? Digital HR provides solutions to these.

Inspiring talent in an organization would be the definite benchmark for every employee to raise individual performance. HR plays an instrumental role in creating 360 degree transformation in every employee they recruit.

Finding best talent which fits the organization is still a challenge. We’d say the best strategy for an organization is to hire the forward thinkers and mentor/groom them to fit the organization’s environment. This is too another challenge. Workforce joining the organizations today are mostly from the generation Y. It won’t take years for this population to become the majority in your workforce. These employees are different in terms of attitudes, needs and aspirations. These millennial employees with fickle minds will have to be carefully managed to achieve the expected business results.

HR and business leaders can no longer follow the old fashioned mentoring techniques, learning management practices and performance management tools to manage these employees. They require an engaging, interactive work environment.

This is why digitizing the workplace experience is key for businesses. Human Capital Management, being an important function for EMPLOYEES should become the frontiers in driving digitization.

Digitizing the HR processes would be a good way to engage and retain these employees. Like we’ve discussed multiple times before, transparency created in performance management with feedback will keep employees engaged and aligned with goals. In addition to this, HR should employee a better way of training employees. Having learning content available on a learning delivery platform, enabling employees to access and consume learning content at their convenience are the winning features for tomorrow.

These are the EXCITING features employees would expect from businesses. Thus we have to get rid of the traditional training methods, assessments and design a whole new experience to better interact people.

Another priority is to use ANALYTICS/ PEOPLE INSIGHTS for HR decision making. A must-have in digital HR software solutions is the ability to understand workforce analytics. The next gen workforce analytics have evolved to a whole new level where business leaders can type/search queries and trace employee data using the HR system. We would love to share these new evolutions with the HR fraternity and welcome our readers to get in touch with us to explore.

Rich analytical capabilities to analyze workforce data enables businesses to understand and even predict future HR trends and lead confident business decisions.

Hiring employees and converting them to a best fit to the organization and engaging them are certainly challenges to HR which can be addressed with Digital HR solutions… Further, Digitization certainly helps employee retention by creating an interactive HR experience. In future posts, we will be discussing how digital HR facilitates these three priorities. Stay tuned!

Written By : MiHCM Reporter

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