Digital HR Revolution- Reviving the HR experience

A new wave of HR technology and HR experience design is on the horizon. Mobile, Social, Cloud and Analytics centric technologies encourage HR leaders to revamp the employee experience through new, digital HR service delivery channels.

Digitization transforms the day-to-day lives of us with numerous apps, systems and software solutions. The all-digital world is changing how we live, work, and how we do business. We believe this digitization would present three challenges to HR and businesses.

  1. Re-engineered HR with Digital Tech would underpin a range of executive business decisions
  2. HR organizations can help business leaders and employees move to a digital mind-set, to digitally mange and coordinate their regular work
  3. HR could reimagine the whole employee experience by transforming HR practices and the HR organization with digital HR platforms.

Our discussion in this post focuses above challenges. We will discuss how Digital HR transforms the traditional HR processes by winning above three challenges.

As highlighted above, digital technology includes ANALYTICS.  All digital HR platforms incorporates a broad range of interactive workforce analytics, helping HR professionals and the leadership to make confident business and people decisions in the organization. Ability to run advance queries on workforce, ability to understand performance trends etc. through workforce analytics, certainly helps to make informed decisions on people.

Next achievable challenge through digital HR is shifting employees’ mind-set to a digital era. The ability of a Digital HR platform to bring social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies together helps organizations to empower employees to manage their professional lives with digital technology. The barriers between personal and profession can be thinned with the use of mobile HR apps. More than 7 billion mobile devices are used in the world currently. This indicates the potential available for Mobile HR. Development and adoption of Mobile apps for HR practices and social features added to the HR processes would raise employee engagement with HR.

Third and the most exciting benefit and challenge offered by digital HR platforms is the rich user interfaces and interactive user experience. Research shows that 40% of internet traffic is generated by the 7 billion mobile devices used in the world. Hence it’s time for HR software vendors to capitalize their efforts on mobile HR apps and empower their clients to deploy and adopt mobile HR practices. Mobile HR can be guaranteed as one ideal way of delivering a best-in-class HR experience to employees.

While vendors are developing these digital HR solutions with social, mobile, analytics and cloud capabilities… companies should re-think their HR strategy and develop a dynamic HR strategy that is suitable to embrace the challenges offered by Digital HR.

We’d like to share more about Digital HR. Write to us today for more Digital HR insight!

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