Digital HR vision in 2016?

The paradigm of digital disruption is impacting HR. Digital HR service delivery methods to employees. HR is reaching the forefront of the journey to digital with cloud, social and mobile capabilities integrated to numerous business functions.

In our previous posts we’ve discussed that restrictions between professional and personal lives of employees are dissolving through the use of mobile HR. adoption of Mobile is hardly seen in traditional HR practices. Research indicates that only 7% of companies are using mobile devices for mentoring, 10% for performance and 21% for leave requests. Opportunity to use Mobile devices for HR operations would raise an organization’s willingness to embrace digital HR.

What is the future of HR with digital? How would digital transform HR from the traditions? We’ve discussed that digital HR brings social, mobile, analytics and cloud together into the organization processes. The aspired picture for future HR would be to integrate the entire HR experience with the SMAC technologies. A digital HR platform with these technological dimensions would help manage attendance automatically, host learning content for employees and enable on-demand learning. These systems would incorporate interactive social features into performance management. Thus performance assessments will no longer be cumbersome or less engaging. Availability of real time workforce analytics will help the leadership to gauge important people data. Such insights would be helpful to recognize skill gaps, potential successors for leadership roles etc. which would ultimately create a progressive career path for employees. This is the future we imagine with Digitization.

We believe the novelty brought by digital HR in below forms will be helpful towards productive HR processes, informed people decisions and better work-life balance.

  • Mobile capabilities
  • Real time analytics
  • Convenience in managing a gamut of HR functions through a preferred device
  • Flexibility provided by cloud technology

Another importance in the digital HR era is the design thinking it introduces to the HR teams. HR leaders and users should no longer perform the operational HR role. They should become consultants and designers of a whole new HR experience. They should now re-think the way people work and add more value adding digital tools and features to HR practices to gain productivity.

With the help of digital HR tech, HR professionals should now look at deploying end-to-end HR/ integrated HR practices with a rich user experience. For an example, HR should deploy one platform to deliver overall performance management, learning management, recruitment and succession planning together which creates a seamless HR experience.

Ability to thoughtfully and wisely plan HR with digital technology and have a seamlessly integrated HR system with a robust user experience would raise employee productivity, quality or HR decisions, responsiveness and engagement of employees with HR.

Though leading companies in the world are adopting this trend and though we see few prominent business entities in our clientele adopting this trend, research proves that majority is not ready to embrace this trend. Only 38%of companies are even considering it and only 9%are completely geared.

Digital HR is about embracing cloud technology, social and power of analytics and mobile capabilities. This trend reflects a completely new way of thinking about HR in the future. Replacement of traditional HR with Cloud HR is a definite challenge for traditional organizations and embracing design thinking would be a must if Digital HR needs to be exploited

HR leaders now have to partner with their colleagues in IT and even with the user experience designers to start thinking towards these lines.

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