How emerging business corporates can benefit from Digital Transformation

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“Technology is opening the door to potentially massive social and economic benefits” – Michelle Simmons (General Manager, Southeast Asia New Markets, Microsoft Asia Pacific)

While the abundance of the world has been digitalized and adapted to the digital era, some countries still remain hesitant to embrace these changes. Hence, they do not have the capability to compete with international markets, resulting in lower recognition across the world. If your organisation is facing this problem, then it is time to take a digital leap to transform your organisation’s practices to digital-friendly tasks.

The best example of a benefit of digitization is how around 2 billion people globally were unbanked, yet with mobile banking and internet banking, this number has been reduced greatly. Humans in this era have a high value of time, therefore technology has been their greatest savior. With technology, humans have found convenient methods to do their day-to-day activities while saving time and money.

In the perspective of business and economy, digital transformation has played an important role. From submitting a curriculum vitae to analyzing the employee performance, every task of an employee lifecycle is digitized today. Especially when it comes to Human Capital Management, there has been a significant increase in using Digital platforms in the Asia Pacific region, and it has resulted in more productivity and sales increase in the global market.

Microimage HCM Cloud is a Sri Lankan developed Digital HR platform that has recently come to the attention of many Asia Pacific organisations, and also to a few other countries from across the globe. It has been chosen as the preferred HCM solution to feature in the technology center held in Singapore by Microsoft, in 2018. Emerging startups and SMEs are utilizing the enhanced capabilities and the wide range of functions provided by HCM Cloud to digitally transform their HR processes, thus being able to compete with international markets with more confidence.

Paper to Cloud transformation is as easy as it gets, with Microimage HCM Cloud. It has a range of functionalities on core HR processes as well as employee performance, talent acquisition, recruitment, training, etc. HCM Cloud has been a great support to the up-and-coming business corporations by completely digitizing its employee HR needs. It is their vision to become the leading technology innovator in people-driven business. HCM Cloud is the perfect example of the radical and profound transformation that emerging business corporates should embrace in order to climb up the ladder to a digitally revamped adventure.

To explore more on HCM Cloud, log on to Stay tuned for more interesting insights.

Written By : MiHCM Reporter

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