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Digital technology is pervading into every business and workplace. Workforces are getting transformed as more millennials and gen-Z employees keep joining companies. The need to enhance the employee experience and to make changes in your HR system is escalating rapidly.

As a business, you comprehend how important it is to develop the link between your organisation’s business procedures, workforce performance and HR system, and the best solution for this challenge is to digitize HR. Everything you’ve ever recorded in sheets of papers are about to be transformed to a digital platform where you could gain access anytime, anywhere. This is where digital meets HR and design thinking becomes the key to establish true digitization.

Digitization of HR forces organisations to rethink many elements in the workplace. Employees’ needs and demands should be taken into consideration. The HR experience should be reinvented to provide a better workplace experience to employees. The new organisation should support the employees with constant feedback, recognition upon achievement, better learning experience and opportunities to become successors for leadership roles. Furthermore, understanding the needs of HR professionals to create the best talent management practice is critical in the digital age.

Digital HR solutions accommodate the demands of both HR professionals and the employees. It creates a fresh experience for stakeholders across the organisation with cloud, mobile, social and analytics capabilities. Thus, Digital HR platforms should be developed with careful design thinking. Design thinking is vital to make the digital HR platform rich in above forces (cloud, mobile, social and analytics).

According to Deloitte, Design thinking provides a means to focus on the employee’s personal experience. Research highlights that companies where HR delivers the highest levels of value are more likely to be using design thinking in their programs. Isn’t design thinking critical for HR?

As more organisations and enterprises embrace digital HR, it is vital to recognise the most important tasks to be focused on;

HR departments should focus on intensifying employees’ engagement with the HR system and with peers, colleagues and superiors
A new experience should be fostered in tedious talent management functions such as performance appraisals, training programs and talent acquisition
Application of social features into talent management practices will entice employees to use the HR platforms better
Enabling employees to manage their routine HR needs through a mobile app helps organisations to bring employees closer to HR and the organisation
Mobile apps will help business leaders to access HR insights and make people decisions on the move

Digital HR will help organisations process routine HR and strengthen talent management with both web and mobile apps. At the same time the platform will include numerous social elements to drive employee engagement with the platform. To support these purposes of engagement, Digital HR platform vendors have incorporated rigorous design thinking into platforms. Web and mobile applications are carefully designed to provide maximum simplicity and convenience to users. A consumer-grade user experience enabled in the digital HR platforms make the product self-explanatory. Thus organisations which leverage digital HR would experience strong user adaption. Understanding the importance of design thinking, HR software vendors have a chance to be originators, making more compelling and design centric HR solutions. If initiated properly, design thinking is a meticulous, disciplined method of problem-solving. It helps HR organisations to provide the most convenient solution to its leaders to make people decisions. Meticulously designed digital HR platforms give accurate data for leaders to make decisions, enable employees to receive real time feedback on their performance, ease the recruitment process by setting the stage to complete recruitment and onboarding via one single platform and even manage the operational HR processes much efficiently compared to traditional on premise systems.

These are only a few benefits of a simplified digital HR solutions which offers a consumer-grade user experience. The value of sophisticated digital HR solution goes to a greater extent by enabling HR departments to do an easy HRIS roll-out. When compared to traditional on premise HR solutions, digital HR platforms will minimise the implementation burden thanks to its simplified user experience.

ROI of investing in a digital HR platform developed with solid design sense is greater than we think… and we will be discussing this further in our future blogs.

Written By : MiHCM Reporter

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