Shift in the Purpose of HR Software!

Among the key and perhaps most profound concern impacting HR technology today is the shift in the purpose of the HR software itself. 2 or 3 decades back, HR software was designed with the motive of automating, compiling and managing HR processes and data.

While automating HR practices and performing all of the HR functions on one integrated software continues to be a trend in most companies, today’s HR has changed. Do we any longer expect the HR managers/ Executives/ Assistants to design processes and execute them? No… Today’s generation of employees require these systems to be “self-service”—to use them and manage individual HR processes, such as leave applications by themselves. Hence, the success of a HR software/ HRIS depends on how easy they are to be used by employees, managers, and applicants who apply for vacancies.

HR software to support Recruitment

Few years back, HR software helped Recruitment process of companies by being an electronic filing repository and indexing systems for resumes. According to the Perspective|2014 report by Bersin by Deloitte; Today, if companies cannot give job applicants a “one-click apply” button on their mobile devices, as well as an easy way for them to study about the company, submit their interviews via video, and evaluate themselves online, companies may not even get them to apply! This is why HR Software vendors have to make the software to ease recruitment processes of an enterprise.

Simplifying the HR software and shifting it from “HR Systems of Record” to “HR System of Engagement” will enable a large audience in the company to-

  • Update their profiles
  • Find their benefits
  • Locate successors
  • Learn about products
  • Complete on-boarding for a new job
  • Assess candidates
  • Set or monitor goals

Simplifying HR software and making them perform online raises interest of organization to perform HR processes accurately and efficiently—right in the middle of our work. According to the Perspectives| 2014 report, these systems (In our terms; the HR software) must be so integrated into our lives that they can be done as part of our daily activities.

So the next wave of HR systems should be “Systems of Engagement”. These need to be 100% user-friendly that people think of them as part of their daily lives instead of another “Work Management Systems”.

A solution that would integrate all of the HR functions and offer them as 1 HR Suite is our Microimage HCM; the enterprise class comprehensive Human Capital Management Software designed to streamline and direct Human Resource towards the Business Goals and Objectives. Visit microimagehcm.com to explore how we have designed our software to encourage our customers engage with HR processes and perform them much effectively!

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