Transform HR to meet New Business Priorities!

Companies have been transforming HRM Systems for many years. Research reveals that 42% of global companies identify the impact of HR operations on organizational success is “weak” and 85% of global enterprises researched consider they must “Change the direction of HRM Systems and processes to meet new business priorities”.

We believe HR, today has many new challenges to address:

  1. A directive to drive the talent management and help acquire best talent
  2. The need to drive alignment, foster the aspired culture, and accelerate performance
  3. The opportunity to better utilize technology and analytics
  4. Prospecting successors to the strategically critical leadership roles

HR is expected to become efficient in the implementation of core HR functions along with the talent management space and drive employee performance and engagement.

The imperatives of managing talent and supporting HR decisions with broad range of HR insights has become essential in the HR mandate. But now, driven by global business growth, evolving HR technologies, and the demands of young & dynamic workforce, HR must underpin and drive a range of business initiatives.

HR departments will not become accountable to align all of the processes with macro environment changes, But HR is responsible for putting the right people, processes, and culture in order so that leaders and employees can pursue them to excel in their career. Our HR Software Solution is designed to connect business leader skills, people management skills, and HR performance. Microimage HCM creates the aspired “High-Impact HR culture” which will position the HR team to perform an influential role in honing leadership and talent management competencies that organizations need for higher performance.

Talent management suite enriched with resourceful modules such as performance management, learning management and recruitment will drive performance of HR by being able to identify performers, mentor poor performers with appropriate training and even by sourcing the best talent to the organization. Further… HR analytics facilitated through our HR Software will help HR practitioners make confident talent management decisions.

Hence, the new challenges of HR pointed out at the beginning of our post… can be addressed with our HR software

… Recruitment will provide the mandate to source rich talent to the organization

…Employee performance will be driven through a comprehensive performance management module

… Broad range of analytics provided by HCM Analytics module will continuously become the directive to make a host of talent management decisions

… In-depth succession planning facility will help the companies identify the successors for strategically important leadership positions.

Explore mihcm.com to discover how Microimage HR Software transforms HR to meet business Priorities!

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