What’s included in Future ready HR?

HR leaders have been performing the operational HR and administrative role for years, and this role now needs to be completely re-engineered into a HR STRATEGIST!

Being formulators of HR strategy, HR should recognize the actual requirements that should be discussed in the HR strategy and how HR leaders should facilitate/ implement those strategies to take HR from the old school operational process towards a strategic operation.

It is important for HR leaders to recognize how they can attract and engage the HR users and overall employees in the organization to support the HR functions. In this blog post we will discuss 3 dimensions which need to be incorporated into the HR strategy going forward. We believe these ingredients will surely help HR leaders drive the human capital to achieve organisation goals much efficiently.

1- People Analytics

HR needs to pay particular attention to instigate systems to capture important people centric data and maintain them systematically within the HRIS which will ultimately help Human Capital Management related decisions. Performance analytics, talent analytics, demographic analytics and even comparisons of talent profiles will help organizations to arrive at statistically supported and accurate talent decisions.

2- Consumer-grade user experience

HR should be able to create a consistent user experience to all employees across the employee life cycle. Employees should be able to obtain data, have ability to edit /improve their information, access a variety of online training material and even receive continuous feedback from superiors on performance. Having access to these facilities should not happen only at one or few phases of an employee life cycle; instead it has to happen throughout. Consistent delivery of such user experience is mandatory for future ready businesses as this experience encourages employees to stay engaged and aligned with organization goals.

3- Unified Talent Management Practice

Organizations should establish one system to manage the entire talent management process which includes recruitment, learning management, performance management etc. A single and cohesive technology with a consistent user experience/ interface is a must have for businesses in the future. A congruent Talent Management System will help to conveniently management all talent functions and informational/ insights on talent management can be maintained in a central location.

We’ve only discussed 3 aspects a future ready HR organization should have. We will be discussing more of such aspects in our future posts. Stay tuned! Visit mihcm.com to read other blog posts.

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What's included in Future ready HR?