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Performance appraisals, managing and improving employee performance is an ever-present topic in HR organizations and even among the C-level executives who continuously strive to strategize on maximizing employee productivity.

We hear many arguments around the scope of employee performance. HR leaders along with C-level present the building blocks of sound employee performance. Today, we will uncover three essentials employees should have / companies should offer to raise employee performance.

#1 – Individual Attributes

Every employee should have the individual attributes that will help them to become better performers. This involves the willingness to work, capacity to work and the opportunities provided by the organization to work.

Every employee should be willing to take over responsibilities within a defined scope. An employee with lack of willingness to work will barely enjoy working in the organization. Such employees are doomed to become poor performers.

Another key attribute is the employee capacity. HR leaders/ team leaders should ensure every employee is assigned with the right degree of responsibilities suitable to the individual’s capacity. An employee overloaded with responsibilities will not be able to focus on any of those, thus becomes a failure in every responsibility being taken over.

Opportunity to work is also another element of employee performance. What does it take for organizations to motivate employees to perform better? Increments, financial incentives to other tangible benefits are one kind of motivators. But do these drive employees in the long run to become out-performers? Does a monitory reward enable an employee to take risks where they can showcase their talents and capabilities? Answer to this is “NO”… What organizations need to do is to provide the OPPORTUNITY for employees to perform. Organizations ideally need to challenge employees to think out of the box, apply their strengths to overcome those challenges and even develop new skills and competencies that would help them to face upcoming challenges.

So, the willingness and capacity of an employee together with tremendous opportunities presented by the company are must haves for outstanding performance.

#2- Work Effort

What’s expected with the individual attributes is the WORK EFFORT. Every employee who’s equipped with fantastic opportunities, willingness and high capacity needs to be strengthened with continuous work effort. Employees with the benefit of having all three individual attributes discussed above should be naturally encouraged to improve their effort and align the effort with organization expectations. Poor effort is a definite reason behind poor performance, hence a workforce that puts the right degree of work effort to the right task will surely improve overall performance of the organization.

#3- Organization Support

Organization support involves the facilities, incentives, guidance/ mentoring offered to employees by HR leaders and team leaders. Organizations should provide employees with adequate incentives suitable to every employee’s capacity and scope. Also employees should be offered a safe work environment along with other physical resources that ensure convenience for them to expedite achievement. Most important attribute involved in “Organization Support” is how HR leaders mentor employees to perform better. Team leaders should instigate mechanisms to have continuous discussions with employees and provide them diplomatic feedback that will help them to stay in line with organization goals. This entire process of receiving feedback and guidance from team leaders will help employees to correct flaws and identify how to bridge their skill gaps. Continuous organization support received in the form of feedback and guidance is key for employees to keep performing better.

We believe we have discussed ample information and tips on how organizations should support employees with resources, opportunities and guidance to make them perform better. Added to this, we have explained what traits an employee should carry/ develop to become performers.

Employees, HR leaders and team leaders should understand that employee performance is an achievement that can be won with mutual support. This includes the effort given by an employee and the support given by the organization. We have included both of these aspects in the above equation. We believe this performance equation will help our readers to identify requisites of better performance and instigate those to experience the true result!

We encourage our readers to explore how performance management systems supported in HR Software solutions are enabling companies to establish these fundamentals, measure employee performance and raise performance as expected.

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