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Designed for strategic decision-making

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For MiHCM Lite & Enterprise users

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Built by Certified Data Science & AI Experts

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Data Visualisation with MS Power BI

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Data clustering & predictive analytics
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Custom analytics for your business needs

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A story waiting to be told.

Transform your workplace by harnessing the power of HR analytics. MiHCM Data & AI for MiHCM Lite & Enterprise can help you tackle turnover, enhance performance, and make smarter HR decisions to shape a workplace that is both engaging and future-ready.

Features & Benefits

Smart HR decisions start with your data.

Power BI

Transform your HR data into interactive visuals.

Data Visualisation Reporting

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MiHCM Data & AI 10

Set up any Power BI report.

Unlock insights effortlessly through a robust business intelligence platform that helps sort & transform your HR data into easy visuals.

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Discover insights into workforce demographics.

Dive into detailed employee segmentation, tenure, performance & competency score for a comprehensive understanding of your people analytics within MiHCM Lite & Enterprise HR software.

MiHCM Data & AI 12

Unlock workforce productivity.

Make informed decisions with powerful HR analytics. Study employee timesheets, work hours & overtime to understand where your workforce is heading.

MiHCM Data & AI 13

Get a clear view of your payroll.

Review reimbursement & travel claims on a single dashboard. Easily identify areas with higher costs for smarter spending decisions.

MiHCM Data & AI 14

Track attendance trends

Unearth attendance patterns by looking at work hours, absenteeism & leave usage to understand your teams better.

MiHCM Data & AI 15

Hire fast & efficient.

Use our HR analytics on MiHCM Lite & Enterprise HRIS systems to view the average time taken to hire & the applicants-to-hire ratio to make future recruitments faster.

MiHCM Data & AI 16

Check on diversity & inclusive stats.

Analyse diversity factors, such as gender, marital status, generation & more. Identify improvement opportunities & be on your way to building a diverse & inclusive workforce.

Bring clarity to your business.

MiHCM Data & AI 17

Smart Analytics

Make data work smarter.

Machine Learning model

MiHCM Data & AI 18

Visualise leave patterns.

MiHCM Data & AI uses past leave data on MiHCM LIte & Enterprise HR systems & data clustering methods to present detailed leave patterns on how employees utilise their leave.

MiHCM Data & AI 19

Discover absenteeism trends.

People analytics made simpler. Compare current data with trends, spot peak months & predict future absenteeism.

MiHCM Data & AI 20

Turn over your turnover.

Tap into your data to discover turnover peaks. Identify at-risk employees & make future predictions on MiHCM Lite & Enterprise HRIS systems.

MiHCM Data & AI 21

Predict workforce performance.

Explore employee performance by grouping patterns. Examine performance measures, gender & more for a high-level understanding of your HR analytics.

Stop guessing. Start knowing.

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