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Digital HR mirrors Social Media to engage employees

Workforce productivity is a key force in driving an organisation to its mission. Statistics prove that employees who’re engaged in their workplace achieve 26% higher productivity than the usual. Therefore, it is vital that Employee Engagement is encouraged in every organisation. In the year 2018, Employee Engagement is going to be even more improved with Social-Media like features coming to the Digital HR platforms.

Last year, we’ve discussed how sharing employee thoughts, peers and superiors being able to give a thumbs-up for the ideas, wishing an employee on a birthday and other features as such can boost an employee’s confidence, and help them better engage at work. This year, Digital HR is ready to bring an experience which is close to the experience gotten through social media. In other words, your Digital HR platform gives the employee a chance to share their ideas and thoughts in a more Facebook, Twitter kind of way.

Sharing employee ideas, thoughts and suggestions across the platform now come with emoji, changing privacy to public or the team members, and other features. Peers and superiors can like and comment just like on Facebook. Won’t be long when these features are accessible through mobile!

Team-based communication is also very important in order to increase workforce productivity. Poorly managed work groups are on average 50% less productive and 44% less profitable than well-managed groups. Which is why being able to reach your team, share your goal progress among the team and analyse the rest of the team’s performance is also facilitated through Digital HR. We can expect 2018 to provide us with features like creating groups, send alerts and reminders and more through Digital HR. Goal cascading will also be given more priority, as this feature enables a superior to divide work among the team.

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