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Digital HR to reimagine Talent Acquisition

Technology is evolving every minute in the fast-moving business world. Every dimension of HR is being transformed into digital. Searching for new recruits, planning interviews and onboarding are time consuming processes that can be simplified with a digital platform. With technology advancing each day, the above processes can now be done effortlessly through Digital HR platforms. How does it work? Our blog today, is around this!

Employee turnover can create a definite negative impact to your organisation’s reputation. Therefore, it is vital to deploy a well-organised recruitment and onboarding plan in order to source the best talent and retain them in your organisation.

Cost reduction is not the only benefit that comes from a digitized recruitment and onboarding process. It can post your job vacancies on social channels, career portal, systematically shortlist the best candidates, plan interviews and onboard the recruit, all through a single system. The number of HR executives who have to be working a lengthy manual recruitment process can now use a digitized/automated platform to simplify talent acquisition. The hassle of posting job advertisements, doing paperwork to manage recruits’ profiles and documents can be overcome easily as the new recruitment and onboarding on digital HR can be done within a few minutes.

Let’s see an overview of the benefits that can be received by using a digitized recruitment module.

Digital HR to reimagine Talent Acquisition 1

With the above added benefits, it is clear that the HR organisations should consider transforming their recruitment and onboarding practices with digital HR. Microimage HCM Cloud features in an end-to-end recruitment and onboarding module with analytics to eliminate bias recruitment decisions. Visit to witness the new recruitment model in HCM Cloud and how it could benefit your HR organisation. Stay tuned for more interesting insights on Digital HR.


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