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Engaging Employee Experience with Digital HR

The leading HR software solutions providers are more client-centric, digital-savvy and inclusive. These vendors capitalize on Digital HR to deliver best HR results to client organizations.

Deep immerse in digital technologies encourages both personal and professional lives to be driven towards a digital journey. Fast adaption to digital technologies has transformed many traditional processes at workplaces to a whole new level of agility and efficiency. More employees use their phones and tablets to perform their routine work, obtain training, access ESS functionalities and even the leaders of organizations are highly depending on mobile devices to access a broad range of actionable workforce analytics to make numerous business decisions.

Both employees and managers are overwhelmed with technology and a constant flow of information & knowledge. It’s interesting to see how the apps market is evolving with endless applications to serve multiple businesses and personal life needs. Deloitte research indicates that people check their phones over 8 billion times a day. Even though employees are addicted to their phones, tablets and various technologies, has the companies been able to leverage on this trend to maximise productivity or profitability?

Doesn’t this alert the organization leaders to make use of these trends to better engage employees by creating solid workplace experience? How can organizations overcome this challenge of engaging employees? Companies could initiate the strategy of engaging employees by re-thinking its HR strategy. Most valuable audience to marketers is the customer, finance organizations may consider many internal and external stakeholders as their primary customers. Likewise, the most important customer to HR is the employee. Hence, it is the duty of HR to create the desired workplace experience for their employees.

In doing so, HR must put themselves in the shoes of an “designer”, who designs employee experience. HR should adopt design thinking while putting the workforce in the center of the new HR strategy, creating the engaging employee experience does not only entail the creating an attractive physical work environment. This means, creating the compelling, simplified and engaging experience to employees through overall HR processes and practices. Hence, HR now needs to opt for the HR software platforms which deliver a consumer grade user experience. Such software solutions are the cornerstones of creating an enjoyable and engaging experience to both employees and leaders.

HR software solutions with rich user interfaces deliver convenience to employees and create the expected level of employee satisfaction and productivity. This will rise overall productivity of HR. HR should now refresh its thinking towards digital HR solutions with digital designs, maximize their use of mobile apps to manage HR more efficiently and create a new user experience with digital HR practices.

We believe design thinking is crucial to HR and it would definitely work for them to keep employees engaged and achieve overall workforce and HR productivity.

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