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Disrupting dated HR systems with Digital HR

Tomorrow’s vision for HR is surrounded by Digital HR technology. It aims at the massive and transformational move from traditional, on-site HR software to next generation HR and talent management systems on cloud.

With the extensive experience in the domain, we’ve seen how companies have invested millions in modifying or completely replacing core HR systems at organizations. Replacement of HR software solutions to leverage on cloud and scrap the on-premise solutions is one of the biggest HR technology investments we’ve seen in the recent past.

Research efforts of Deloitte has proven that 60% of all large companies have replaced core HR systems or planning a replacement or in the process of replacing systems instigated at the organizations. While Cloud HR software vendors are privileged with this shift, same vendors are looking at ways to improve their cloud HR offering for the future. HR software vendors who attempt to rejuvenate their HR software system should align their solution with drivers of HR technology transformation.

Research proves that systems with easy-to-use functionalities, integrated and comprehensive HR analytics, solutions hosted on cloud are the game changers in HR technology. While HR professionals, employees and the C-level management of organizations are awaiting the HR systems with above capabilities, HR software vendors are waking up to this mission of designing and developing HR systems-of-engagement.

Next generation HR software solutions would be highly responsive to changing business needs. These flexible and feature rich HR software would convert the cumbersome HR functions into simplified processes. HR software solutions delivering rich user experience will demand HR organizations to step on to the Future of HR with latest technology.

Latest technology embedded in HR is Digital tech! Digitized human capital management, will establish novel HR practices with social, mobile, analytics and cloud capabilities. Shifting to a cloud HR solution helps organizations to harmonize and integrate their HR practices at a lesser cost to operate than on-site/licensed software solution. Social capabilities of a Cloud HR software will assure an engaging HR experience, not only to employees and HR professionals but to the C-level in an organization.

Need for an integrated and comprehensive set of HR analytics is among the biggest needs of HR in this age. HR software solutions with digital capabilities would deliver workforce / HR analytics with an interesting user experience. Convenience of these analytics will help the C-level make confident human capital management decisions.

Mobile-friendliness of HR is unquestionably critical today! Smart phones and tabs have become essentials in routine lives of every human. Thus, every individual should have quick access to essential aspects of their work and personal life. This is why every software vendor is cautiously and rapidly developing mobile apps for their solutions. HR vendors, realizing the importance of mobility, has invested much R&D efforts in developing user friendly mobile apps for both core & strategic HR functions. Mobile HR will help traditional HR to leap forward and allow an entire workforce to manage HR functions at their convenience.

Accelerating importance of social, mobile, analytics and cloud technology would encourage the movement of legacy HR systems to novel and digital HR system. HR vendors would not forget to include their innovation capacity to come up with a whole new experience for Core and Talent Management HR functions. To explore how we have re-invented core HR with Digitization, visit MiHCM today!

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