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How HRIS is delivered!

HRIS is essentially software or an online solution. HRISs are mainly delivered to users in three models—on-site/ on-premise hosting, cloud or software-as-a-service (SAAS) hosting. The 3rd delivery model is “Hybrid Hosting”. Our focus in this post will be on On-premise deployments and SAAS hosting as Microimage HCM system is offered to users via these models.

On-Premise Deployments

In an on-site installation, the HRIS software, as well as the gamut of employee data, is installed on a physical hard drive or server at the corporate premises. These systems are ideal for companies with privacy and security concerns who may not feel comfortable having employee information available on a cloud. An on-site system typically has hardware requirements, as well as in house information technology and maintenance requirements, hence these systems can be more costly to implement and maintain. However,for employers that need customized solutions, on-site platforms maybe more flexible.

Cloud Hosting

“Cloud”is fairly a well-known term in the context of music and media storage for smart phones etc. In Music, the cloud is used to store music, pictures etc. allowing users to access and use them when required. This helps users to save space in the device.

This technique of accessing information over the Internet, rather than directly from a locally stored hard drive, is also being used in HRISs. The software and employee data are stored off-site on a network hosted by the HRIS provider, and individual modules and data are accessed on demand as companies need them.These systems are often more cost-effective, as the cost of infrastructure maintenance, information technology (IT) staff, customization are lesser than on-site deployments. Implementation, of these systems can be expedited and simplified as the set-up involves receiving logging credentials and signing-in to the online- system.

Software updates can be performed by the vendor, rather than in-house staff. However, some employers may have concerns about the safety of their data being stored off-site in the hands of a third-party vendor.

We will also give a brief introduction to “Hybrid Hosting”; which encompasses elements of both on-site and cloud-based systems. In a system of this nature, the core HRIS platform itself maybe stored on a centralized database, enabling the user to download required modules and data to use for internal network.

Out of these delivery models of a HRIS, the Cloud-based/ SAAS hosting is moving ahead and companies are shifting towards more cloud-based platforms to manage their operational as well as strategic HR functions. Microimage HRIS is implemented by many companies across a variety of industries in Asia. These companies access their repository of employee data and manage HR functions through the Microimage HRIS which is delivered to them either via On-Premise deployments or SAAS hosting. Visit to discover how we have facilitated our customers’ HR requirements through preferred delivery models.

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