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HR Tech to deliver better HR services

Being in the HR domain for 20 years has proven us that HR practitioners, leaders are gradually embracing HR tech to optimize HR services. Yet, we believe the intensity of this adaption is not great enough to revitalize the role of HR in the organization and give it a strategic importance in the organization.

HR leaders and even the operational HR staff might still be uncomfortable with using HR technology and may not become the evangelists of HR tech. These individuals now need to realize HR tech is no longer the “icing on the cake”… it is becoming an integral differentiator that makes the HR service delivery better than the good old days.

HR organizations, no longer can convince themselves with the traditional/ manual processes. Now they need to leverage HR technology… here we mainly refer to the use of HR Software, commonly known as automated HRIS or HRMS. HR leaders and the HR workforce should not completely rely on their HRIS going forward. They should stay current with evolving technology landscape and apply that to their processes to ensure HR services are delivered as expected by the newer generation of workforce.

An automated approach to HR, which is a HR software solution will make a gamut of HR functions more nimble and agile. It will permit the HR leaders more time and freedom to focus on strategic business plans, talent management and talent alignment facets of the business.

Business leaders in general, should make sure to integrate the technology plan into the business plan, so that HR also will be driven to stay current with upcoming HR technologies and their application on day-to-day HR functions.

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